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Play iPhone games on your TV

The most recent iPhone SDK’s allow developers to output apps via Video Out to a screen. Freeverse has modified its iPhone and iPod Touch game Moto Chaser so that it can be played on a TV screen. Normally the game runs at 26 FPS, but the TV-version of the game runs at only 20 FPS. Let’s hope that Apple will allow developers to use this cool feature in all of their games.

via Ars Technica

Five Freeverse games got a little cheaper

Moto Chaser developed by Freeverse

Developer Freeverse has dropped five of their games in price. Five games, five dollars each!

  • Big Bang Board Games
  • Big Bang Sudoku
  • Flick Bowling
  • Monkey Lab
  • Moto Chaser

Pricedrop for Tetris and Big Bang Sudoku

Tetris, iPhone, EA, iPod Touch, Big Bang SudokuToday two great and very addictive games got a pricedrop in the App Store. First of all there’s a smashing classic, EA’s Tetris dropped from $9.99 and $7.99 giving you no more reason to pick this game up now. The second game that had to deal with a pricedrop today was Big Bang Sudoku from Freeverse. Instead of $4.99 you now pay only $2.99 for this game filled with Sudoku puzzles. With four difficulty levels, over 10,000 levels and beautiful artwork this is another must-have for your iPhone. Read the rest of this entry »