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Sim City Slated to Release Later This Month

Sim CityEA Mobile has moved into the final stages of production of Sim City, which should release later this month. Kotaku managed to get their hands on an early copy, so head over there to see what the guys thought. Despite a few bugs and minor setbacks from having to use your fingers to place the buildings it seems like Sim City will be a solid, fully functional (not trimmed down from the PC version) launch.

Sim City is expected to retail for $9.99.

EA Mobile’s Spore: Origins now for $7.99

When Spore: Origins for iPod Touch and iPhone launched, you had to pay $9.99 to get this EA Mobile game to your Apple device. Today EA Mobile has dropped the price of its game to just $7.99. In Spore: Origins, developed by the creator of The Sims, you play as a single-celled organism that needs to eat small pieces of DNA to avoid predators from eating you.

Spore Origins later this month, nine more EA Mobile games coming

Earlier this week we reported that Spore Origins would be heading to the iPhone this Sunday, but today EA Mobile has announced that the game will come out later this month. Spore Origins will feature 35 levels and will take full advantage of the accelerometer. EA Mobile is currently working on nine other titles as well including Monopoly, SimCity and the popular The Sims 3, here’s the full list:

  • Monopoly: Here & Now The World Edition
  • SimCity
  • Yahtzee Adventures
  • EA Mini Golf
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09
  • Need for Speed Undercover
  • The Sims 3
  • Lemonade Tycoon
  • Mahjong

More Spore might be heading to iPhone

Will Wright, Spore Origins, EA Mobile, iPhonePocket Gamer had some time to talk to Will Wright in London this week, and he said that Spore Origins may be the first Spore game to come out on the iPhone, later games could be coming to the iPhone later. “It’s got beautiful graphics, good music and it uses the tilting controls,” says Wright about Spore Origins. “But we may take other aspects of Spore and bring them to the iPhone later.” Spore Origins is coming out this Sunday in the App Store.