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Review: Reversi Reloaded

Ahhh, Reversi; it’s such a simple concept, yet has become so popular. And with Reversi Reloaded, you can now play this classic game on the move with your iPhone or iPad. Before I installed the game, my first concern for it was space – the iPhone does not have a lot to offer in terms of screen space, and when I started my first Reversi game, the squares were indeed quite small. Despite this, however, I had absolutely no trouble selecting the correct boxes… so kudos to Mobivention for making this typical board game work with the iPhone’s limiting factors.

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Warfare Incorporated

The ReplicatorFor an avid real-time and turn-based strategist such as myself (I own over 10 different games in the genre if you combine board, PC (without counting expansion packs), and iPhone games, just in case you doubt), seeing Warfare Incorporated (Spiffcode Inc.) in the App Store Wednesday night was a dream come true. I didn’t hesitate to download it and promptly began my midnight gaming. Read the rest of this entry »

Orions: Legend of Wizards Released

Exploring a CityAnother Windows Mobile port, Orions: Legend of Wizards, was released unto the App Store on Dec 9. OLoW, developed by MoreGames Entertainment, is a card game (described by reviewers as being similar to Magic the Gathering) mixed with elements of exploration. Your goal is to explore the Orions, or connected islands, and defeat all the the Orion Lords. The world you explore along with the decks your enemies use are randomly generated, so even if you play the campaign mode multiple times it will always be different. Orions also features 75 different cards and 66 buildings of 6 different types.

The best part is that while it originally retailed for $20 on Windows Mobile, iPhone gamers can pick it up for only 10% of that price ($2) during the introductory period.

*If you plan on downloading it through your phone make sure you have an available Wi-Fi connection, because it’s the only way you can download the 16 MB game.

Tap Defense Hits Top 3 Free Apps

Tap Defense, iPhone, iPod TouchTap Defense, the first definitive answer to the other paid TD apps, has recently hit the top 3 free apps. Tap Defense pits you against the beings of the underworld with only your trusty towers to defend the gates of heaven. In addition to money, which when unspent accrues interest at the end of every round, you also gain Halos at the end of specific rounds. They can be used to upgrade your interest rate on money or to buy new types of towers. It also offers 3 different maps to try, ranging from easy to hard.

If you’re looking for a full TD game without having to reach into your wallet make sure to give Tap Defense a try.

Update 12/11/08
Tap Defense was recently updated to ver. 1.1. This update fixed the bug used to get unlimited money (so stop e-mailing me about it. . . please) along with a couple of other balances. The only one I’ve noticed is that ice and water towers slow enemies down less than they used to (maxed ice towers now only slow by 70% opposed to 90%). If anyone else has any more info feel free to post it in your comment or e-mail me for it to be included here.

I’ve noticed the broken quake towers as well and have informed TapJoy of this problem on their Facebook page for Tap Defense. Hopefully an update will fix this soon.

Update 12/12/08
The quake tower has already been fixed in the 1.1.1 update.

Reign of Swords

Reign of Swords, iPhone, Punch Entertainment, iPod Touch

Your troops are hopelessly outnumbered. The dozen or so Pikemen are emboldened only by your five Heroes, killing machines that strike fear into any enemy troop formation. As the seemingly endless wall of enemy Cavalry approach your Heroes charge, each killing a troop with a single blow. Your Pikeman advance and crush their first line, but are soon overwhelmed by sheer numbers. Just as the situation begins to look helpless Sir Anston, your mentor and teacher, arrives with 2 regiments of Knights and easily finishes off the weakened enemy forces. This is just one of the over 40 different missions in the exciting turn-based-strategy game Reign of Swords. Read the rest of this entry »

Update for Fieldrunners

Fieldrunners, Subatomic Studios, iPhone, iPod TouchFieldrunners, one of the most awesome iPhone games out there, is getting a make-over by Subatomic Studios. Version 1.1 of the game gives the game a few numbers including music! The creators also added a new map that will require a new strategy and it introduces two new fieldrunners. Many gamers wanted an Endless gameplay mode and they’re getting it too. The user interface and visual quality of the game were upgraded as well and a grid to help place towers has been added. Fieldrunners is available in the App Store for $4.99.

Star Wars: Force Unleashed and Kroll dropped in price

iPhone, iPod Touch, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Krol

Today two mediocre iPhone and iPod Touch games were dropped in price. First up is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, this game droped from $9.99 to $7.99. The controls in this game were pretty limited, and the gameplay is pretty short. Second game is Kroll, this title dropped from $7.99 to $4.99. It’s a beautiful game, but the gameplay is just a little too simple to keep you entertained long enough.


A week ago I picked up Galcon from the App Store. I wasn’t expecting too much, but from the videos I’ve seen at it looked moderately entertaining. Little did I know that I was downloading the greatest iPhone game ever to call appstore its home. Read the rest of this entry »

Galcon Lite now available for free

Earlier this week Phil Hassey dropped the price of his very succesful iPod Touch and iPhone game Galcon to just $4.99. To get even more Galcon players he decided to release a free Lite version of the game with 10 levels of Classic Play.

Real-time strategy game Warfare Incorporated coming soon

Spiffcode has announced that it’s currently developing its real-time strategy game Warfare Incorporated for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The game is already out for Palm and PocketPC and will feature 14 missions, 6 bonus missions, a head-to-head multiplayer mode for up to 4 players, a mission editor and loads of other features. There’s currently no release date or pricepoint for the game yet.