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Van Buren – An Introduction

  • Author: Van Buren
  • Filed under: Site Updates
  • Date: Feb 4,2012

Triple Entendre iPhone appsI would like to take this opportunity to allow myself to introduce… myself. I’m a new writer here at iPwnGames (and in the blogosphere in general), and I’m looking forward to sharing my views and insights with you, the readers. First, a little bit of background. I’m an attorney, or at least I used to be. I’m currently working as an app developer for the Van Buren Boys – a development company started by myself and another attorney. I taught myself objective C, and started programming for the iPhone in 2011. Since then, the Van Buren Boys have released numerous apps in the iTunes app store, under the Triple Entendre brand. We have had some success and some failure. Certainly I have learned a lot about the processess of coding, submitting, and marketing in the mobile gaming space. Read the rest of this entry »