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PapiPole eating its way through App Store

PapiPole, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, Sunflat GamesA while ago we wrote about Sunflat’s Mr. Papi games for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and since we’ve already seen PapiRiver coming by. Today PapiPole was released, a simple but free game featuring the amazing Mr. Papi himself. Mr. Papi, a red ball guy, is on the top of a stick and you control the stick by sliding your finger left and right. Your goal: make sure Mr. Papi eats a lot of hamburgers. Get PapiPole now!

Sunflat Games developing a bunch of iPhone games

PapiPole for iPhone

Sunflat GAMES has released a list of upcoming iPhone and iPod Touch games currently in development in their studios. The main character in all of these games is Mr. Papi known from the free app PapiJump available since August. Papi will appear in four upcoming games:

  • Flying PapiJump: Mr. Papi was starving so he’s looking for hamburgers in a cave full with action and jumping.
  • PapiJump Land: Again, Mr. Papi was hungry and went to Hamburger Land to get his hamburgers.
  • PapiPole: Mr. Papi finds himself on a stick and you control the stick by using the touch-screen. It’s time to feed Mr. Papi so give him the hamburger!
  • PapiJump Plus: PapiJump finds himself in a variety of levels such as ‘Fall’ in which platforms fall when he jumps on them and Right, in which Mr. Papi is going towards the right!
  • But if you feel like you’ve had enough of Mr. Papi and his hamburgers, then there’s two other games from Sunflat with now Papi or burgers. 3D TiltCave is an action game in which you tilt your iPhone not to collide with the wall of the cave. In Break Down you break all blocks with balls by sliding your finger on the iPhone to contorl the racket and knock the balls back.