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Pricecut for Galcon

Galcon, a strategy arcade game developed by Phil Hassey, has been dropped from $9.99 to just $4.99 in the App Store. You begin with a galactic playfield filled with all kinds of different planets. The green planets are yours, the grey ones are neutral and all planets with other colors belong to the enemy. Your goal is simple: get all planets. There’s also a new update for the game that has color blind option, Galcon music and an enhanced multiplayer interface.

Catching watermelons for just 99 cents

Since today the iPhone and iPod Touch game Watermelons is available in the App Store for just $0.99. This game was created by Phil Hassey who also made the terrific game Galcon. A freaky local watermelon tree has gone berserk and is producing way too many watermelons. Your task is to move a trampoline by sliding your finger on the touch screen on the iPhone in order to rescue all the melons that fall of the tree.