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Interview with Paul Farley from TAG Games

TAG Games, Paul Farley, iPhone, iPod Touch, Car JAck StreetsIn August we interviewed Paul Farley from TAG Games about their upcoming iPhone-game Astro Ranch. Last week TAG Games announced Car Jack Streets for the iPhone and iPod Touch and we immediately had some questions that we wanted to ask the developers team of the game. In this interview you’ll learn more about the controls and possible multiplayer mode of Car Jack Streets. Read the rest of this entry »

Rock’n’Roll coming to iPhone this month

  • Author: Mr Sandeman
  • Filed under: iPhone, iPod
  • Date: Sep 9,2008

Paul Farley from Tag Games just gave us a fresh Rock’n’Roll factsheet. As he already mentioned in our interview, Rock’n’Roll is now being ported from other mobile phone versions to the iPhone. The story behind Rock’n’Roll is a familiar concoction of friendship, music, kidnapping and blown fuses! You play as ‘Roll’, a rather well rounded character, who must enter the spinning mazes of Flint Island in an effort to recover the Evil Sky Spirits musical notes and save his best friend ‘Roll’ from imprisonment. Jamie Bryan of Tag Games has the following to say about Rock’n’Roll:

“Rock’n’Roll has already delighted mobile gamers across the globe and we are confident its appealing mixture of bright, colourful cartoon graphics and unique game-play will be a huge hit with iPhone owners as well.”

“The iPhone has enabled us to realise our original creative vision for this game through the use of motion and touch controls. The addition of this tactile interaction with the game really has added a new dimension to the game-play and taken the overall experience to a new level!”

Rock’n’Roll is due to come out this month.

Interview with Paul Farley from TAG Games

Paul Farley, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, Astro Ranch, Tag GamesThis week Tag Games announced the development of Astro Ranch for the iPhone, Nintendo DS and N-Gage. The game looks like a fun mix of some Animal Crossing with some Harvest Moon in a nice 50’s sci-fi jacket, and Paul Farley from Tag Games took some time to tell us more about their first iPhone-game. We also found out more about Rock’n’Roll, the second iPhone-game of this European iPhone developer. Read the rest of this entry »