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New update for X-Plane 9 coming

X-Plane 9, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, Laminar Research, Not too long ago Laminar Research launched an update for its iPhone- and iPod Touch-game X-Plane 9 and now they already have a new update with some fixes and improvements. The framerate of the game will be improved by 25%, you’ll be able to calibrate the position of your device, the contrast interface will be higher, the computer will set your power and flaps for your final approach and there are some changes to the interface settings. Definitely check out the X-Plane 9 story to see how they started developing this game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Update with new features for X-Plane

Laminar Research has published on its forum that X-Plane for the iPhone and iPod Touch will be receiving an update in the coming days. “DUDE.. you have only seen the START.”, that’s what the developer of X-Plane says on the forum and then he sums up a nice list of new features for this $9.99 App Store game:

We are going to have airliners, helicopters, gliders… this is only the BEGINNING.

Also (and there is no way I should mention this) X-Plane AUTOMOTIVE is SCREAMING fun.. I will be ready to release it, hopefully, within 7 days.

When you see me issue a post about how I am morally opposed (or something) to an automotive version of x-plane with ferraris and corvettes and KRAZY tracks, you will know that we are within about 48 hours of release.

X-Plane takes iPhone to higher levels

X-Plane, Laminar Research, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GToday Laminar Research has released X-Plane for the iPhone. The Mac OS X, Windows and Linux version of the game are very popular and extremely realistic with very detailed gameplay and stunning graphics. Laminar Research calls X-Plane the Gold Standard for accurate flight simulation, and for $9.99 you can find out if it’s worth its status of Gold Standard.