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All Ngmoco games dropped in price

Ngmoco, Mazefinger, Topple, Dr. Awesome, Dropship, iPhone, iPod TouchNgmoco has announced that they’ve dropped the price of all their games available in the App Store to celebrate the upcoming release of their first big game, Rolando. All four games are high quality iPhone games and show that Ngmoco has very skilled developers.

  • Topple was $0.99, now it’s free
  • Dr. Awesome was $1.99, dropped to $0.99
  • Dropship was $1.99, dropped to $0.99
  • Mazefinger still free

New Ngmoco titles coming soon…

Ngmoco is currently working hard on a few promising iPhone and iPod Touch projects such as Rolando, Dr. Awesome and Dropship. Today Neil Young from Ngmoco gave a small hint about the releasedate via Twitter:

Dr.Awesome will be out in the next week, Dropship soon after that and Rolando just after that

Shortly after the above Twitter message, Ngmoco announced that Dr. Awesome will come out December 4th.

Dropship and Dr. Awesome new footage

  • Author: Mr Sandeman
  • Filed under: iPhone, iPod
  • Date: Nov 20,2008

Today Ngmoco has released some video footage of Dr. Awesome and Dropship, two smaller iPhone and iPod Touch games that should come out soon. Neil Young of Ngmoco also announced that we’ll probably know find out when Rolando is coming out.


Dr. Awesome