Review: Earth Under Siege

  • By Guest Reviewer on Jun 2,2011

Earth Under Siege, iPad Games, Insane

Earth Under Siege is the new game from the company Insane. It offers game play that is not easy but is very fun. The graphics and the sound are some of the best aspects of this new iPad game. Here is an overview of “Earth Under Siege.” It might not be easy, but it is really fun. The graphics on this game are incredible. They use high definition and the best visual graphics in the industry. The music is incredible as well. The music is so good that you might want a copy of the music yourself. It uses multi-touch interaction for a fast paced alien fighting game.

The game play is dynamic and interactive. The fast paced game takes the player through battles that fight aliens invaders for the protection of the Turrets. You get to create artificial intelligence as you battle through some of the best gaming on the iPad in sometime. It is brand new technology with an old school feel. The only difference is, that the game has things in it that the old school games never had. It is lively and very interactive. You won’t regret this game. It is well worth the wait.

Earth Under Siege, iPad Games, Insane

The synopsis is about an alien race that destroys all major cities. The game has many weapon choices and ways to defend against these alien nuisances. Defend the earth over and over. The game never gets old. It is never the same game twice either. The way that you play the game causes the play to be varied and fun. Unlike some games, you have to make the game happen. If you don’t play the weapons, they will not shoot. Your talent does affect how the game plays. The plethora of enemies is creative and fun. You have to control as many of the towers as you can. Your ability to react will make the game better or worst. It takes some practice, but you will master this game after a few attempts.

The game play is so quick that it will keep you coming back time and again. After you defend the aliens, you can defend as many towers as you like. Creating artificial intelligence is one feature of the game that keeps you coming back for more, time and again. It is one of the best iPad games in the store.

Earth Under Siege, iPad Games, Insane

I would rate this game as a 4 out of 5. It is tricky though. You have to be quick and be able to defend the tower well. If you aren’t on your toes, you will miss the attacks and then it is alien mayhem. Some enjoy that part as much as the game plays itself. No matter what your preference is, you can have a great time playing “Earth Under Siege” iPad Game. Just remember to pause once in a while so you don’t go insane.