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More Star Wars: The Force Unleashed screenshots

  • Author: Mr Sandeman
  • Filed under: Action, iPhone
  • Date: Aug 6,2008

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, THQ Wireless, iPhone 3GTHQ Wireless has released some new screenshots and information of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the iPhone. They showed the game off at E3 2008 as well and the first impressions of the game were pretty good. The controls seem to work good and intuitive. Not only will this game have a single player mode, it also features a survival mode.

mophie Juice Pack gives your iPhone 3G more game power

mophie, Juice Pack, iPhone 3G, AppleWhen you use your iPhone 3G for gaming, the battery of your precious gaming device is losing its power extremely fast. For iPhone gamers who want to game with more power there is the mophie Juice Pack for the iPhone 3G. There was already a Juice Pack for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, and now there’s one for the new iPhone 3G. This battery pack extends the battery life of the iPhone with 350 hours of standby time, six hours of 3G talk, six hours of 3G internet, 12 hours of 2D talk, eight hours of video playback and 28 hours of audio playback.

It also protects your iPhone from short circuits, over-charge, over-heating and connecting to your iPhone to your computer via USB passthrough so that you can sync and charge at the same time. The iPhone 3G Juice Pack from mophie will come out this September and it will cost $99.95.

DeepSpaceNewt for the iPhone gives us nostalgia

DeepSpaceNewt, DSNewt, Apple, iPhone, DejaVuOne of the few games available for the Apple Newton PDA was DeepSpaceNewt, a space-based strategy game that was also available for the Apple II computer. DejaVu is now giving us a DejaVu with DeepSpaceNewt for the iPhone. You play as either a Stigon bopper or an Amalgamation starship and your goal is to blast seven bells out of your enemy who’s using torpedoes and phasers. $7.99 sure is pricey for an iPhone game, but it’s pure nostalgia for all Mac fanboys. DeepSpaceNewt is retro gaming at its best, and it’s now available in the App Store.

Wannabe Boulder Dash-game Digga now available

Digga, Boulder Dash, iPhone, AppleBoulder Dash imitations enough, but there’s only a few good Boulder Dash wannabe’s out there. Digga is a game that tries to be a Boulder Dash game for the iPhone. You play as Joe the Digga who’s hunting for gold. With 80 levels, nice graphics, loads of boulders falling on your screen and ghosts trying to fool you this game is packed heavy enough for a long trip. Digg is now available in the App Store.

iPhone 3G firmware update v2.0.1 available

iPhone, firmware update, Apple, App Store, syncing

And yet again Apple has released a new update for the iPhone 3G. Since its release the iPhone 3G has had several updates and long syncs. Firmware v2.0.1 of the iPhone firmware speeds up syncing. The new update is 249.2MB and is available via iTunes.

First Toy Bot Diaries details from IUGO

IUGO, Toy Boy Diaries Entry 1, Re-Volt, Shaky Summit, iPhone, AppleIUGO’s first game for Apple’s iPhone is Toy Bot Diaries Entry 1, a game in which you play a little robot with a grapplig hook and magnet boots. The player has to tilt the iPhone to move Toy Bot and has to tap objects to make Toy Bot pick them up. By tapping on Toy Bot he puts on his magnet boots giving him the ability to walk on ceilings and walls. Toy Bot Diaries Entry 1 will be the first episode and will be available soon. IUGO is also working on Re-Volt and Shaky Summit for the iPhone.

iCanSketchIt for all those creatives out there

  • Author: Mr Sandeman
  • Filed under: Games, iPhone
  • Date: Aug 4,2008

iCanSketchIt, Andrew Borland, iPhone, Apple, App StoreFor the creative minds among us there’s iCanSketchIt for the iPhone. Others could try it out as well, but if you we’re a complete loser at painting when you were young, this won’t be any different for you. In this game from Andrew Borland you have to copy a picture as accurately as possible to get a nice score. You get a nice palette of colors and different brushes, but there’s a time limit that will kill you! There are timed and precision game modes and there’s an option to compare your scores online with the scores of other players. iCanSketchIt is now available in the App Store for only $1.99.

Blackjack 21 offers nice pick up and play action

Blackjack 21 from mobileage brings the extremely popular blackjack cardgame to your iPhone and iPod with nice play gestures, high resolution graphics and natural animations. You simply tap the chips to place a bet, swipe up to split your hand and swipe down to hit. The gameplay in Blackjack 21 looks very fluid, perfect for some pick up and play action. Available now in the App Store for only $4.99.

Scrable look-alike Wordtouch worth a try

Wordtouch, Scrabble, iPhone, Spindrift, Apple, App StoreEuropean gamers who can’t wait for Scrabble to come out for the iPhone should check out Wordtouch from Spindrift. It feels like a Scrabble game mixed with a puzzle-game. You get a few rows of letters each worth points and you have to make words from the top row only. Use a tile and the game replaces it by the one below it. Clear an entire column and you score extra, clear the whole board and you get even more points. It’s out in the App Store for £2.99.

Time: “Can the iPhone Rule Gaming?”

  • Author: Mr Sandeman
  • Filed under: iPhone
  • Date: Aug 4,2008

iPhone, Greg Yardley, Neil Young, Electronic Arts, Apple

Time has a really interesting article about the future of gaming for Apple’s iPhone. In their article they give a nice overview of some of the upcoming games for the iPhone and some of the pro’s and contra’s of the iPhone as a gaming device. Here’s an interesting quote of Greg Yardley of Pinc Media, a studio that builds free tools for the iPhone:

“The iPhone has excellent hardware in it. It is as capable as the DS or PSP”

Neil Young, former Electronic Arts (EA) executive who found the San Francisco–based startup ngmoco, said the same thing Carmack mentioned a couple of days ago:

“You have a DS and you have a telephone. Why not buy just one?”

Time: “Can the iPhone Rule Gaming?”