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Sims Creator Begins Tampering with Real Life

  • Author: JesseLangley
  • Filed under: iPhone
  • Date: Nov 21,2011

Will Wright, creator of The Sims, is moving beyond mere pixels, and taking gamers with him. Instead of letting you play god and housing designer to a group of non-sentient AI, his newest game will actually play games with your life with a little help from GPS, cloud storage, and your friends.

If it sees that you go to car shows frequently, it will mold the game accordingly. The more the game finds out about you, the more it’s going to be customized to your life. If you share absolutely nothing with it, you’ll be left with what should be a very generic, but perhaps mildly entertaining game. Read the rest of this entry »

Gaming in the Cloud

  • Author: JesseLangley
  • Filed under: Game Center
  • Date: Nov 2,2011

The Game Center has been dead almost since it was introduced in Sept. 2010, but some iOS 5 updates could breathe more life into the stale medium. The idea was supposed to be a cross between playing games on Facebook and the social capabilities of Xbox Live.

The execution fell fairly flat, as friends had no way to communicate or really even interact with their friends except to compete with them. The person on the other side might as well have been AI for all the contact you would have with them. Kudos to the person who remembered to brag about an awesome Ms. Pacman victory when they met up with their friend hours later. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 3 iPhone Strategy Games

  • Author: JesseLangley
  • Filed under: Games, Strategy
  • Date: Oct 24,2011

Strategy is a beautiful thing. It can win you wars, Sun Tzu-style, or it can help you pass time with your iPhone without going brain dead. While some of the simpler games are brilliant for passing a few minutes, there’s nothing like being actively engaged in something to whittle away the hours. If you’re far from home and missing your board games and your console games, check out our list of top strategy games.

Read the rest of this entry »

How the iPhone Has Changed the World

  • Author: JesseLangley
  • Filed under: iPhone
  • Date: Oct 20,2011

When Steve Jobs said that the iPhone would change the world in 2007, we all just nodded our heads, enthralled with the idea of mobile computing. Time with our phones has quickly outpaced time spent with our gaming consoles, e-readers and dictionaries. We can do just about anything we want from the iPhone. Read the rest of this entry »

What the iPhone 4S Means to Gamers

  • Author: JesseLangley
  • Filed under: Features, iPhone
  • Date: Oct 12,2011

The iPhone 4S is shiny and new. The camera can start up and be ready for the first photo in 1.1 second, and be ready for another in .5. The device itself is slightly weightier, probably a result of an added antennae (completely eliminating the antennae issues of iPhone 4) and the GSM and CDMA radios, making them globe-trotter friendly. Read the rest of this entry »

Four Essential Steps to Developing an iPhone Game

iPhone games seem mysterious and complicated to build. They require coding, developing and even registering as an official developer with Apple. But like always, appearances are deceiving. Here are four easy steps to creating a game for your iPhone or your iPad. Happy developing! Read the rest of this entry »

8 Bits of Awesomeness

  • Author: JesseLangley
  • Filed under: Games, iPhone
  • Date: Oct 3,2011

Minecraft, perhaps the first game to have its own con before its official release, still isn’t coming to the iPhone just yet. Thanks to a nice deal made with Sony Xperia, indie darling Mojang has said that it will come to iOS, but Sony and Android will have a period of exclusivity. Details on exactly how long that will be haven’t surfaced yet, but publishers are saying it will be later this year. Read the rest of this entry »

Rushing Ninjas: Rush those ninjas through or get chopped

Rushing Ninjas, iPhone, iPod Touch, Frostware Entertainment Rushing Ninjas, iPhone, iPod Touch, Frostware Entertainment

Today Rushing Ninjas by the guys from Frostware Entertainment, the studio known for The Starchildren and Skycat, rushed into Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch. This arcade-like game is the perfect way to test your multitasking skills in ninja style. Rushing Ninjas challenges you to get as many ninjas as possible through the screen without having them chopped into tiny pieces by cool but dangerous creatures like evil dragons. The game has Game Center support for all the leader board and achievement whores among you. Rushing Ninjas can be yours for $0.99.

Idyllic removing gaps between casual and hardcore gamers

Idyllic might sound a bit very idyllic for an iPhone game, even though it sure looks idyllic from the info and first media of the game. The game wants you to put on your jumping shoes to start jumping around in the idyllic world of the game to collect coins that allow you to upgrade. While jumping you need to defeat monsters that are trying to stop you. As you grow stronger, the world starts to evolve, the music idyllically changes and in turn makes the game even more… idyllic. Fatcow Games promises that the game’s concept is fresh and new, and that it should make the boarder that divides casual gamers from hardcore gamers even thinner. The game is due to appear in the App Store on September 22nd for both iOS devices.

Stand O’Food 3 back with burger flipping fun

Many mobile gamers still fancy Flipping burgers and a twist of strategy added to it, which is why G5 Entertainment released its third installment of the Stand O’Food series in the App Store for both iOS devices and the Androids. Ronnie the Chef is back in his Stand O’Food chain in Tinseltown where he meets Mr. Clarence and Nikki with whom he hooks up to tackle the evil Mr. Torg. Let’s see if your burger flippin’ skills are good enough to flip this troublesome douche! Stand O’Food 3 is now available for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.