Wild West Pinball

  • By Daniel on Nov 29,2009

Wild West Pinball, iPhone game reviews, iPhone games, iPhone, iPod TouchPinball games in any setting are great fun, so playing Wild West Pinball for the iPhone is always going to provide you with hours of entertainment. Rather unsurprisingly the aim of the game is to get as many points as you can by nudging nodes, bouncing bonuses and generally pelting your ball to within an inch of its life. You get three balls to get the best score possible and the game makes excellent use of the iPhone’s touch screen technology. To launch your ball you simply pull back the coil and release and this sets the game in motion.

Wild West Pinball, iPhone game reviews, iPhone games, iPhone, iPod Touch Wild West Pinball, iPhone game reviews, iPhone games, iPhone, iPod Touch

The graphics are slick and well made which is essential for a game where the pace of the action is often fast and unpredictable. The amount of obstacles, bonuses and hidden mini-features is fine but in my opinion there could be a lot more added in order to make the game more interesting. Adding extra features would definitely increase the longevity of the game because the more ways you can score extra points the more determined you will be to achieve a record score. One other downside to the game is the dynamic view the developers have chosen to use. Your view of the action follows the ball which means you can only see the certain sections of the table at any one moment.

This undoubtedly creates a greater sense of movement and action but when the ball is moving rapidly it makes the game much more difficult because you can’t always see the hole at the bottom of the table until it’s too late. A static view of the whole table would make the game less frustrating and players would still find it tricky enough to want to keep coming back to perfect their skills. Once you feel you’ve racked up a strong score you can submit your results to the international leader board but a word of warning, some of the top scores are eye wateringly high. It is difficult to get bored with Wild West Pinball because pinball as a game in itself is highly entertaining; whether the dynamic view detracts from your gaming experience will be a matter of personal preference. Wild West Pinball is certainly worth downloading though as it will provide you with more than enough entertainment when you’re looking for a way to pass the time.

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  1. iPhoniac December 29th, 2009 at 10:48 am

    hello!! I’ve just been reading this site for a couple of times and want to thank you now for these posts.
    Specially for this one because I love pinball games and I liked a lot this one!!
    I love lots of games for iPhone: Simpsons, Mario and Planet 51!
    Have you tried those??
    I haven’t seen any review for Planet 51 Racer so I’ll give you the link where I downloaded it
    hope you like and downloaded it!!!
    have fun and Happy New Year! bye!!!

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