Update with new features for X-Plane

  • By Mr Sandeman on Sep 18,2008

Laminar Research has published on its forum that X-Plane for the iPhone and iPod Touch will be receiving an update in the coming days. “DUDE.. you have only seen the START.”, that’s what the developer of X-Plane says on the forum and then he sums up a nice list of new features for this $9.99 App Store game:

We are going to have airliners, helicopters, gliders… this is only the BEGINNING.

Also (and there is no way I should mention this) X-Plane AUTOMOTIVE is SCREAMING fun.. I will be ready to release it, hopefully, within 7 days.

When you see me issue a post about how I am morally opposed (or something) to an automotive version of x-plane with ferraris and corvettes and KRAZY tracks, you will know that we are within about 48 hours of release.