Toy Bot Diaries Free now available

  • By Mr Sandeman on Sep 8,2008

As promised in our interview, IUGO has published a free version of Toy Bot Diaries. Toy Bot Diaries Free, which is now available in the App Store, presents an introduction (read: a sample level) of the full Toy Bot Diaries: Entry 1 game. Exclusive to TBD FREE, explore the play room full of treasure to be unlocked while mastering Toy Bot’s special movements and functions. Perfect to play again and again!

But there’s more in IUGO’s news update, Shaky Summit is coming soon and IUGO has released the video above. In Shaky Summit your goal is simple, you just have to touch the screen in order to cause boulders to loosen, stalactites to fall to reach the top in this 3D race as the first one. You need to plan your shaeks carefully, because otherwise you could accidentally help your opponent without knowing it.
For more info on Shaky Summit you should check out our interview with IUGO.