• By Daniel on Nov 26,2009

Toobz, iPhone, iPhone games, iPhone games reviewToobz pits you and your spanner against the clock as you race to construct an elaborate maze to channel the impeding rush of water about to spoil your lawn. The mechanics of the game are based on the popular Tetris game, which means you have to find the right shaped pipe to connect to another and create a continuous chain of blocks. Unfortunately, the exact type of pipe you need doesn’t just appear and you often have to wade through numerous other shapes until you get the right fitting pipe and when you’re racing against the clock this really puts the pressure on.

There are four difficulty settings: free, easy, normal and hard. Free mode has no time limit and the water will only be released when you activate it. This mode is good as it allows you to create snaking labyrinths without having to worry about being soaked by the dodgy water mains valve. Once you’ve quelled your architectural urges in free mode it’s time to get serious test your skills in easy mode. From here it’s up to you to move through the levels and see how elaborate you can make your sewage systems without running out of time or space.

toobz3 Toobz, iPhone, iPhone games, iPhone games review

Toobz isn’t the a game that’s going to set the world alight but it is a quaint little game that will put your nerves and planning skills to the test. It’s unlikely that you’ll rank the game ahead of others you have on your iPhone and if your memory is getting low then it would likely be one of the first games to get the chop. It is, however, a game that you can dive into without any hassle and play a quick game when you’ve got a spare two minutes. Beating your own best scores will be the only motivation you need to keep your interest in the game and whilst it might be a game you won’t miss if it’s gone, you will certainly be grateful it’s there when you’ve got a spare few minutes to kill.