Time: “Can the iPhone Rule Gaming?”

  • By Mr Sandeman on Aug 4,2008

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Time has a really interesting article about the future of gaming for Apple’s iPhone. In their article they give a nice overview of some of the upcoming games for the iPhone and some of the pro’s and contra’s of the iPhone as a gaming device. Here’s an interesting quote of Greg Yardley of Pinc Media, a studio that builds free tools for the iPhone:

“The iPhone has excellent hardware in it. It is as capable as the DS or PSP”

Neil Young, former Electronic Arts (EA) executive who found the San Francisco–based startup ngmoco, said the same thing Carmack mentioned a couple of days ago:

“You have a DS and you have a telephone. Why not buy just one?”

Time: “Can the iPhone Rule Gaming?”

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  1. BillyC August 4th, 2008 at 4:12 pm

    Very interesting article. I’m really looking forward to what Neil Young and ngmoco will do in the future.

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