Review: Zzed

  • By Jack Allison on Jun 17,2011

We’ve all played Tetris, and we all know how it works. No doubt there are a countless number of Tetris apps for the iPhone. But with Zzed, Nevosoft have given us Tetris with a twist. And oh yes, they’ve done it well.


No longer do blocks randomly fall out of the sky in a random box with no context. In Zzed, you are an alien who is cleaning space of meteorites. This is done by shooting coloured meteorites at other coloured meteorites. When the same colour touch in a group more than 3, they will disappear. And when a meteorite crashes into your spaceship, you receive damage; a very similar concept to Tetris, but with a twist.

So what makes this better? Well it doesn’t end with just firing meteorites. The cleaning company who have hired you to clean space are surreptitiously planning something, and you want to find out what. There is an alleged rumour of a conspiracy. Intriguing huh? But it doesn’t just end there (I told you they’ve done this well and I wasn’t lying). Our very own space alien has a girlfriend. Just when you thought this game couldn’t get any better, it has.

Zzed brings context and meaning to Tetris. It gives you the motivation to guide our little space character further and assist him in his quest for love (and if you’re playing this on a Saturday night while your friends are out clubbing then it’s probably the only girlfriend you’re going to have for a while), and at 59p, it’s worth every penny.

There are 10 zones and 60 levels in total. They start off easy but they get difficult quickly so this game is likely to keep you interested for a long time. The physics are also pretty realistic, and the ability to bounce the meteorites off the walls is a very good feature (and yields bonus points if you cause an explosion of meteorites). If you’re struggling and the meteorites are slowly closing in on you (a nice function – I imagine it is replicating the light gravitational force of all objects), you can actually drive your spaceship away to a more tactical position. Sometimes the game is kind and throws you a bomb or rocket which causes mass destruction.

This game is going to hit it big time. It is such a simple concept, but they have approached it with such flair that they have made it into an app of its own. This has gone into my “Games” folder and I look forward to testing the new updates.

iPwnGames Score: 5/5

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