Review: Save Toshi Deluxe!

  • By JesseLangley on Jun 12,2011

Ok, I’m not gonna beat around the bush here…this game is weird.  W-E-I-R-D. The concept is seriously just kinda out there, but as most good iPhone games go, this thing will just pull you in. Save Toshi DX is really just a great game for throwing on some headphones, zoning out, blasting the music, and saving the small asian girl time and time again…

Like I said, at first I wasn’t sure what this game was going to be about, but I was very quickly surprised. The gist of the game is that Toshi keeps getting herself into altercations with various enemies. The way that you beat them is to keep Toshi dancing. The way you keep her moving to the groove is by solving about 100 3D block physics puzzles. There are various elements throughout that game that you must learn to deal with in specific ways: rubber, wood, stone, ice, and a strange neon green material

I was very skeptical when I played my first level, but there is nothing quite like when you move Toshi, who apparently has forgotten how to walk, from her post to the dance floor. Once there she begins dancing to some variety of Japanese-pop music on a rainbow lit floor. There really is a sense of accomplishment, be it small, upon beating one level, then the next, then the next. I easily played this game straight through the first thirty levels before putting it down on the first day I got it.

The game is scored in the typical three star format that many of us are used to in a lot of these games. You are given a designated number of balls that it should take you to complete the level and carry Toshi to safety on the dance floor. If you complete the level with fewer balls than necessary you are rewarded with three stars plus. If completed with the exact number you receive three, and it goes down from there for the more attempts you must take. Scoring is then based fully upon those stars earned in gameplay. Scores and other achievements are traced in iOS’s Game Center.

You see a new one of these after every 20 levels...pretty cool

In addition to fun gameplay, the graphics really are pretty good based upon what most of us are used to in these physics puzzle games. You should also keep your ears open for the dialogue coming from Toshi each time she dies or gets another chance. It’s all really quite funny. Overall, I would highly recommend this gaime. Since I received the game less than a week ago, it has provided me with hours of entertainment. I am already in the top 15% of players on Game Center, and I still have about ten levels to go!

In short…get this game…play this game…it’s super good and will be worth your $.99.

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