Review: High Noon

  • By JesseLangley on Jun 6,2011

Alright all you aspring bandits out there…mount up for one of the most addicting games that I’ve yet to find for my iPhone.  And that game is….(drum roll)….High Noon!  I absolutely love it when an iPhone developer gets everything about a game right.  From the overall look to the ease of gameplay to the price point, this thing is just awesome.

The game itself is pretty straightforward.  It’s a one-on-one multiplayer western style shooter.  It takes advantage of the iPhone’s anonymous multiplayer features and allows you to challenge other players across the globe.  The point of the game is to become the most hated/feared bandit in all of the old west by increasing your level through repeated duel victories.  Each time you pair up there is a specified “reward” if you kill the other.  As you get more infamous (kill more folks) your level and your reward will all continue to rise.

In terms of controls, the game is pretty simple.  It relies fully on the accelerometer to draw your weapon, aim, and reload.  At times it can feel a bit finnicky in that it likes to jump around a bit, but overall it really isn’t too terrible.  You should also be sure to be on a wi-fi connection as opposed to 3G for the best results.  If you’re competing on 3G sometimes you can make a winning shot and it won’t register before their killshot and you wrongfully perish.  That has only happened to me a few times though, so it’s not really worth complaining about.  Otherwise its straight ahead with this dueling first person shooter.

In addition to the basic gameplay there are plenty of things to add to the fun.  You can purchase things like ropes and flour sacks in the General Store that you can throw at your opponents to hinder their vision or abilities to aim.  These are purchased with the two in-game currencies: gold and wampum.  Gold is earned each time you defeat an opponent (you can also steal gold from other opponents…it’s cool until the sheriff catches you), and wampum is earned each time your character levels up.  With these currencies you can also purchase new guns, different clothing options, and multiple other things.

There really are only two limits to the game, in my opinion.  The first is that if you use your wampum, it takes a lot of time to get more, especially enough so that you will be able to purchase the fancy stuff you want.  Here’s where the catch comes in that makes it a free app…you can purchase more wampum with cash or you can earn it by installing other apps from their company on your iPhone.  The second limitation is that you have an energy bar.  If you exhaust it by taking part in a lot of duels you have to wait a specific amount of time for it to refill so that you can keep fighting (or you can use wampum to increase it, but we know what that takes).

Despite these two small inconveniences, I’ve been hooked to the game since I downloaded it a few days ago.  I wish I would have heard about it a lot sooner, but hopefully all of you can check it out and come bring the fire to me and my character…”Rocky Mountain Rick.”  In the mean time, go challenge each other to some duels and shoot away!

3 Responses for "Review: High Noon"

  1. BillyC June 7th, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    Congrats on the first review here on iPwnGames Jesse! Glad to have you reviewing on the site :-)

    I hadn’t noticed this game yet, western games aren’t really my style. It must be really fun to play this one online though, I might get it from the iTunes ^^

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