Review: Cut The Rope

  • By Guest Reviewer on Jul 14,2011

Cut the Rope, Chillingo, iPhone puzzle gameCut the rope is one of the more famous iPhone games, being famous as a casual game, and is not dissimilar to angry birds in terms of fame and ease of play. It was released in 2010 as a paid app, with a free version, a “Christmas gift” becoming available in Christmas the same year, with a unique set of levels, with a Christmas theme to the levels, which can act as a sort of demo for the game, for anyone unwilling to pay money based on concept alone.

The basic concept behind the game is a physics based puzzle around the game mechanic of cutting ropes (as the name of the game suggests) and trying to get a large piece of candy into a monsters mouth. This is done through cutting ropes to free the candy, and cutting specific ropes free (using touch to simulate the slicing of the rope) to swing the candy in specific directions through the use of cutting specific ropes at specific times so that the candy gains the correct momentum when it is completely free of all constraints.

Cut the Rope, Chillingo, iPhone puzzle game Cut the Rope, Chillingo, iPhone puzzle game

Although this sounds like a confusing or boring set of game mechanics, it is incredibly simple to pick up, through the in game tutorial system, which introduces the various level features, such as bubbles and re-attachable ropes, in a simple, easy to understand system which is part of the game itself. As the game progresses, the challenges get harder and harder, requiring more and more logical thinking and precision timing to perfect, giving more and more gratification every time a level is completed.

For those of you who are into more of a challenge after completing the game, the game also has a star system in place, as is common place in iPhone titles. It is for the majority different to other titles star systems, however in the way that stars are earned. Placed around the levels are stars, in hard to reach places, which must be claimed through well placed manoeuvres and unique ways to solve the puzzle. To get three stars in a level, the candy must hit all three stars, as well as making it into the mouth of the monster, which can provide quite a challenge.

Cut the Rope, Chillingo, iPhone puzzle game Cut the Rope, Chillingo, iPhone puzzle game

Cut the rope is a great iPhone title, with some excellent replay value. However, while there is plenty of replay value included in the game the game can simply lose its edge after a couple of hours of play, due to the repetitive nature of the games challenges when compared with titles such as angry birds. Overall, cut the rope is definitely worth the free download, and the free version is definitely one of the better free downloads out there.

iPwnGames Score: 4.1/5