Review: Angry Birds

  • By Guest Reviewer on Jul 2,2011

iPhone, Angry Birds, Rovio

If you’ve even heard of an iPhone, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of angry birds, which is, by now no doubt the most recognised “casual game” in existence, and perhaps even the most widely available game currently available for mobile or social platforms. For those of you unaware, angry birds is a physics based game released in December, 2009. The game focuses around launching “angry” birds of different colour and type into makeshift buildings with structure and materials which differ from level to level filled with pigs.

The game is controlled, obviously, entirely through touch. The birds are pre-loaded into a slingshot, and the player must use their finger to guide the angle and power that the bird is launched towards the pigs. The pigs, however are protected by various materials which are constructed to make a fort like building. The part of this construction the birds hit and the power they hit it at determine the way the building collapses. The separate parts of the collapsed building can then hit the pigs, who will then die.

iPhone, Angry Birds, Rovio

As the levels progress, different types of birds become available for use, which have unique abilities, such as breaking into multiple birds, and different strengths against different materials. The levels themselves also become harder to beat, with bigger (harder to destroy) pigs, protected by stronger and better built fortresses.

The primary motivation for continuing through the levels is to unlocked new ones, as each level requires completion of the previous one to unlock. The levels are also divided into sets, which are also unlocked through the completion of the previous set of levels, which have their own scenery and style. A level, once completed, will give a score and a number of stars between one and three, which is based on how much destruction is caused and number of birds remaining. Collecting these stars is the secondary objective in the game, to give completionists something to do after all the levels are completed.

iPhone, Angry Birds, Rovio

Overall, angry birds is an amazing casual iPhone game, with some serious gameplay value that will keep you addicted and playing the levels over and over again. It is definitely worth the £0.59 that the game costs, and is almost a must have app for anyone with an iPod touch or an iPhone. Although it may have you labelled as a “casual gamer” accompanied by being looked down upon, the fun the game brings with it is a worthy trade off.

iPwnGames score: 4.5/5