Review: Angel Bounce

  • By Guest Reviewer on Jun 5,2011

Angle Bounce, iPhone game, Scylla Games

The afterlife has been thrown into disarray with demons and angels scattered about the universe. It is your job, in Angel Bounce, to restore the powers that be to their rightful afterlife locations. Angels and demons both fall from the sky and you, acting as a cloud, choose to bounce the angels back to heaven and allow the demons to fall to the depths of hell. The story line is interesting; basically there has been a cosmic upset and angels and demons have been bounced around. They need to get back to their rightful homes and it is your job to get them there.

Angel Bounce is a pretty basic and easy to navigate game. It has all been seen before and the mechanism is nothing special. You navigate the cloud across the screen to bounce the angels back to heaven, much like many other app store games. The only catch is you must avoid the demons that are also falling from the sky. When you bounce the demons back into heaven they are considered “saved” and will lower your overall score. If you happen to let an angel fall into hell they are considered “condemned” and it also lowers your score.

There is fruit that falls from the sky as well (kind of weird) that you catch for extra points. There is no real rhyme or reason to the falling fruit and, honestly, it seemed like a weird afterthought on the developer’s part. Apples would make sense with the whole Adam and Eve component to heaven and hell, but strawberries seem a bit out of place.

The game breakdown includes how many angels you have saved, how many demons you have condemned, and points are taken away for angels that you condemned (allowed to fall) and demons that you bounced back to heaven (saved). Angel Bounce is Game Central enabled which allows players to compete against their friends for the high score. Game Central is one of the bigger draws of this game as healthy competition between friends always ups the fun-factor.

While the game presents nothing too unique or over the top in terms of game play the story line is cute, and the angels and demons tumble from the sky in a pretty comical manner. The music is whimsical, but repetitive, and has a tendency to grate on your nerves after a little while. Considering the sweet story line, comical graphics, and ability to mute the music this app might be worth a buy. After all, it is only .99 cents and likely will provide several hours of entertainment. Get your friends on board too to create a competitive Angel Bounce tournament. It is worth the buy, in my opinion.