Paper Toss

  • By Mr Sandeman on Nov 3,2009

Paper Toss, iPhone game review, iPhone, iPhone games, Review, A bin, a fan and some waste paper; what could be simpler? Paper Toss encapsulates a whole generation of development and technology. Do I mean that this game is one of most sophisticated of its era? No; far from it. What I do mean though is that Paper Toss has taken a simple game people used to play in their bedrooms or office and turned it into a digital hit. With health and safety laws, an increase in paperless activity in office and general annoyance of those around you, it has become difficult to indulge in a friendly game of waste paper basketball.

Who Gives A Toss?

Thankfully, Paper Toss gives you all the realism of the game without any of the drawbacks which means you can wile away the hours in the office without disturbing your more industrious colleagues. The game has three difficulty settings: easy, medium and hard, which basically means that the bin is a further distance away. To throw your paper ball all you have to do is flick you finger in the desired direction and the watch it hurtle towards the centre of the hole or bounce agonisingly off the rim. Each shot requires you to judge the wind speed (actually a fan) correctly in order to get the right trajectory to the target.

Paper Toss, iPhone game review, iPhone, iPhone games, Review, Paper Toss, iPhone game review, iPhone, iPhone games, Review,

Paper Toss won’t win any awards for its innovation or game play but the graphics are well constructed and the actions are slick and precise. The sound effects create a realistic ambience and an ego boosting round of applause each time you set a new record will certainly raise a smile. Overall, this is a game that you’ll keep coming back to every time you’ve got a few minutes (or hours) to kill. Beating your own scores as well as those of players around the world provides enough motivation to keep that throwing arm loose and for pure mindless entertainment this game can rival any top end game available.

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