New info on Rolando for iPhone

  • By Mr Sandeman on Sep 27,2008

Rolando, iPhone, iPod TouchHand Circus has released a few new interesting bits on Rolando, a colorful iPhone and iPod Touch game that looks similar to LocoRoco for Sony’s PSP. Simon Oliver of Hand Circus had the honor to present us some new info on the game:

Well the cold weather thats starting to creep in is a definite indicator that Summer is fading fast, but as some of you are aware, there is no Rolando in the AppStore just yet. Its been an amazing adventure so far but it is taking us a little while longer to finish, so for those of you waiting please accept this latest screenshot with our apologies :) Rest assured we are working long days, full-time, to get Rolando finished and looking as good as possible, and really appreciate all of the kind words.