iXbox Live, Microsoft, 1337pwn, 1337pwn XBOX Live Friends, iPhone, iPhone 3GLast week we wrote about iXboxLive, an app of $0.99 that allows you to see what your Xbox Live buddies are doing while you’re on the road. 1337pwn is a developer of one of those Xbox Live applications, even a Xbox Live Community Developer working for Microsoft worked on this app. Now the app is available for free:

“Microsoft is halting the sale of any Xbox Live related applications in the iTunes App Store. As official XCDP developers, we’ve always been cooperative as they’ve been consistently great to us. Per a conversation with them this morning, they will let us continue distributing our application for FREE.”

This is off course bad news for all developers who put their work and money in these apps. 1337pwn’s iPhone app called ‘1337pwn XBOX Live Friends’ is now available for free in the App Store.