Lemonade Tycoon

  • By Daniel on Nov 7,2009

Lemonade Tycoon, iPhone, iPhone game review, iPhone games, Review, Make some lemonade. Follow in the footsteps of Gates, Branson and Trump by building up a lemonade empire from the humble surroundings of your front yard. The developers EA Games have put together a solid game which combines strategy, business acumen and a bit of luck. The aim of the game is manage all areas of your lemonade business from the recipe to the marketing, equipment and location of your lemonade stand. Lemonade Tycoon is one of those games where the actual activity your building towards is secondary to the actual preparation, much like many sports managerial games it’s all about setting the right conditions in order to achieve the best result.

When Life Hands You A Lemon…

This idea is reflected in the ability to totally skip the animated selling section of the game and move straight to the end of day profit and loss sheet. The game won’t appeal to those wanting a pure, all out video game experience but for those of you like to analyse stats, predict consumer trends or just dream that you own your own business then this is the game for you. There are two basic options: career mode and challenge mode. Career mode sees you set out on your capitalist adventure with a small working capital and an unlimited amount of time to build up your business. This will be the natural starting point for most players as it allows you to find your feet in the game and understand what works and what doesn’t in the cut throat world of lemonade sales.

Once you start to make a decent profit you can increase the efficiency of your business with new equipment and better stands. In essence the main aim of the game is to buy every item available and become a lemonade selling dynamo. This is the main draw of the game and something that will keep you coming back until you’ve established a solid reputation and a healthy profit margin. On the downside, once you’ve made your business a success the game begins to lose its appeal as there is nothing else left to achieve and while your bank balance gets bigger there is nothing left to spend it on.

Lemonade Tycoon, iPhone, iPhone game review, iPhone games, Review,

The challenge mode helps combat this as it is a scaled down version of the game and gives you exactly one month to build up as much profit as you can. This section of the game can be re-visited over and over because it always resets and the desire to beat your previous score is always there. However, this only maintains a flicker of interest in the game and after a while you will find yourself making only fleeting visits to play the game. Lemonade Tycoon starts off as a sweet game that will quench your thirst for entertainment but after a while, like all fruits, the lemons begin to spoil and the taste becomes a little bitter. The game is certainly more than a 5 minute wonder and it is definitely a well made but you’ll find it hard to gather any enthusiasm for it after you’ve made it to the top of the lemon tree.