Japanese styled board game in App Store

  • By Mr Sandeman on Dec 15,2008

DigiDock has released Reversi Sister, a new board game application for iPhone and iPod Touch. The game contains unique elements of Japan’s animation culture and has colorful animations. Although Reversi itself already has widespread popularity, Reversi Sister is designed to address a
global niche market, which differs from that of conventional users of Reversi, through use of
animation characters and new gaming features. Reversi Sister is now available in the App Store for $2.99, you can find more info on the game after the jump.

Most of the board and card game applications currently available through the iTunes Store have simple graphics that are merely faithful reproductions of their physical origin. And with gaming
features few applications have adopted unique additional features for iPhone versions. The recently released “Reversi Sister” is a modern piece of entertainment in which the familiar rules of Reversi are combined with “Moe” voice patterns and animation-taste graphics as well as adding the additional feature of a “special move”, which helps beginners to win.

While the gauge to the left of Riko (the girl character) is full players can make the special move
by pushing the button above the gauge when it is glowing. The special move flips the opponent’s
stones to show the player’s color, regardless of Reversi’s original rules. (There are some
variations in terms of the number and position of the opponent’s stones to be flipped.)
The player can experience the exhilaration of suddenly changing the color of a large number of their
opponent’s stones in a single move using the special move, maybe even resulting in all of them.

In addition, Riko responds to various situations in the course of a game with comments, usually
after the player or the CPU have placed stones. For example she yells out “Yosshaaa” (Yes!) in joy
if the player has made a good move but panics with “Awawawa …” (Oh, no.) if the CPU does.
How responsive Riko is can be selected from three levels on the settings screen.
Moreover, as the player’s score with “Reversi Sister” depends on the number of the opponent’s stones
they have flipped, players can enjoy repeat plays with the aim of getting better scores, in addition
to enjoying the exhilaration of winning by an overwhelming margin.

Reversi is a two player (in single-player games between the player and a CPU) game where players
alternately place stones, one at a time, on a grid. The stones have opposing black and white faces,
with one of the colors being allotted to each player. A valid move must be in a straight line between the new stone and another stone of the same color
already on the board, thereby capturing at least one of the opponent’s stones in between. Captured
stones are flipped to show the other color.

If a player cannot find a place to put their stone in making a valid move, as they take alternate
turns, the other player gets to make additional moves until they can.
The game ends when either the entire grid is filled in or both players can no longer make valid
moves. The player with the most stones on the board wins.