Interview with Paul Farley from TAG Games

  • By Mr Sandeman on Dec 8,2008

TAG Games, Paul Farley, iPhone, iPod Touch, Car JAck StreetsIn August we interviewed Paul Farley from TAG Games about their upcoming iPhone-game Astro Ranch. Last week TAG Games announced Car Jack Streets for the iPhone and iPod Touch and we immediately had some questions that we wanted to ask the developers team of the game. In this interview you’ll learn more about the controls and possible multiplayer mode of Car Jack Streets.

iPwnGames: Did you already had plans to do an iPhone-version of Car Jack Streets when you first started developing the game?

We first began developing the game in early 2007 at which point the iPhone hadn’t been revealed by Apple. We knew by the time the game was ready for ‘normal’ mobile devices there would be some really nice high end devices on the market on which we could really improve the visuals and other elements – I guess we couldn’t have predicted just how much of a jump the iPhone was going to be though!

Car Jack Streets, iPhone, iPod Touch, Tag Games Car Jack Streets, iPhone, iPod Touch, Tag Games

iPwnGames: What new controls can we expect in the iPhone-version of the game?

This is currently the biggest design decision we have yet to make on the game. We have tried a few different systems and to be honest everyone has their own thoughts on which is best. I expect that we’ll ship the game with at least two control systems for players to try and give them the choice of how they want to play. Certainly with Rock’n’Roll players responded really positively to the fact we allowed for both touch and motion control in the game. It is fair to say that with Car Jack motion control is not going to provide the level of accuracy we need to weave in and out of traffic in a stolen sports car so all systems will be a touch mechanic of some sort.

iPwnGames: Is it possible that the game might feature a multiplayer mode?

We are looking at connected features across all of our games and whilst we don’t expect to have this for the launch of Car Jack Streets it is on the agenda for future updates. Our initial plans are to implement an online ranking table for most cash earned that day/week/month/total but what we really want to do is offer real time multiplayer over WiFi and online. Not many players apart from journalists and the actual game developers got to experience the original LAN games of GTA with 4-16 players but I remember them very well and they were great fun. It would be awesome to be able to bring that kind of experience to iPhone gamers. Ultimately how far we take connected features will depend on the sales of the initial release as we would use a portion of profits for further update development.

iPwnGames: Do you think that a 3D Grand Thef Auto type of game would work on the iPhone?

There are a few technical and game-play issues to overcome. The iPhone is a powerful 3D device but to fully render a ‘living city’ in 3D might be pushing it a little beyond its current capabilities. Even assuming you could render that level of detail questions over achievable frame rate and therefore game-play fluidity would be raised. Then there are issues over control. Cube is a stunning technical achievement but moving a character in 3rd or first person in a fun and controllable manner is going to require a complete redesign of existing game control systems from the ground up. I guess we all wish Apple would release a joystick peripheral but perhaps that’s laziness on our behalf! I have no doubt that at some point in the future we will see a non-linear 3D city based game on iPhone and to the developer that solves some of these issues I have no doubt will be plenty of sales and fame!

iPwnGames: Do you have plans for a Nintendo DS-version of Car Jack Streets?
We are Nintendo DS approved developers so I’ll let you read in to that what you like!