Interview with Ian Dunlop from oeFun

  • By Mr Sandeman on Sep 9,2008

iVoodoo, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, oeFunIan Dunlop from oeFun recently gave us the opportunity to interview him about their games in development for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It appears that they were very satisfied with the success of both iVoodoo, Tilt Me and Stress Toy. And now oeFun is working on a new title for the iPhone that might be heading to Nintendo’s Wii as well. And oeFun would also be interested in doing an iPhone version of Konductra.

iPwnGames: iVoodoo and Stress Toy are both smaller applications that are perfect to fill up a few minutes. Why do you prefer to develop smaller games?

Ian Dunlop: It’s the time from idea, to prototype, to final version that appeals. It’s a lot shorter than your typical large budget console game (> $1 Million / > 1 year). What that means is that I get to try out many different ideas, put them out and see which ones make money. It’s less risky and a lot more fun.

iVoodoo, Stress Toy, iPhone, iPod Touch, oeFun iVoodoo, Stress Toy, iPhone, iPod Touch, oeFun
iVoodoo for iPhone

iPwnGames: What inspired you to do a game like iVoodo, are you interested in voodoo?

Ian Dunlop: I think the inspiration came from trying to make something “quirky”. Something that would attract attention given it’s nature. I started out with a “hurt the doll for fun” idea, and then after researching I decided that was being disrespectful to people who believe in this sort of thing. So I decided to go with a more respectful take on the subject – hence the different pin choices and lack of screaming noises when you stick a pin in the doll. Personally I don’t collect them or use them. Although maybe I do have a doll or two on my iPhone now. :)

Tilt Me for iPhone

iPwnGames: Are you happy with the sales and reviews for Tilt Me?

Ian Dunlop: Yes on both counts. I was quite happy with how well Tilt Me performed. It certainly encouraged me to continue my efforts on the iPhone. I like the direct feedback on the App Store as well. It is unfortunate that iPhone problems are often confused for problems with your app, but hopefully those issues will get straightened out by Apple in the next update.

iPwnGames: Could your new IP for the Wii become an iPhone game as well?

Ian Dunlop: Quite possibly. That is something that has been on my mind a lot. I have a finished playable demo of it running on the Wii, but have yet to find a publisher for it. Self publishing it on the iPhone via the App Store is definitely becoming becoming a higher priority for me.

iPwnGames: Is it possible that you will develop a Konductra game for the iPhone?

Ian Dunlop: That is also a possibility. I am working on a puzzle style game and that should be out this month although nothing has been submitted to Apple for review yet. If that goes well I may dust of the Konductra code and get it out there. I would likely change it around somewhat as I’ve had some new ideas in mind for a while.

iVoodoo, Stress Toy, iPhone, iPod Touch, oeFun iVoodoo, Stress Toy, iPhone, iPod Touch, oeFun
Stress Toy for iPhone

iPwnGames: Here’s our typical question again: do you like developing for the iPhone and do you think that it will lift mobile gaming to the next level?

Ian Dunlop: I love it. It’s quite liberating to self publish your stuff instead of having to sell your idea / game to someone else. The App Store itself and it’s integration into the phone is 1st class and it gives me a lot of confidence in the system Apple has created.

App Store + iPhone = Next Level. Beyond that, it’s really just a marketing issue.

iPwnGames: We would like to thank Ian Dunlop for doing this interview with us.