Idyllic might sound a bit very idyllic for an iPhone game, even though it sure looks idyllic from the info and first media of the game. The game wants you to put on your jumping shoes to start jumping around in the idyllic world of the game to collect coins that allow you to upgrade. While jumping you need to defeat monsters that are trying to stop you. As you grow stronger, the world starts to evolve, the music idyllically changes and in turn makes the game even more… idyllic. Fatcow Games promises that the game’s concept is fresh and new, and that it should make the boarder that divides casual gamers from hardcore gamers even thinner. The game is due to appear in the App Store on September 22nd for both iOS devices.

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  1. Amit September 19th, 2011 at 8:24 am

    Thanks for the press, we hope the game is up to standard with todays audience. The game is a bit slow at the moment in terms of speed and fun factor in the early part of the game, but we are working on changing it.

    Let us know if you havenĀ“t done a review yet and would like a promo code.

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