• By Pwnography on Sep 26,2008

A week ago I picked up Galcon from the App Store. I wasn’t expecting too much, but from the videos I’ve seen at it looked moderately entertaining. Little did I know that I was downloading the greatest iPhone game ever to call appstore its home.

In space, no one can hear you scream…

So what is it about Galcon that makes it so great? Well, if you just take a look at the surface, it might look like any other game, but if you start digging, you’ll notice that there is no bottom. Galcon is a strategy game in the space environment. Your goal is simple, crush every other player around, but the way to victory is why this game deserves your attention. ACMP_6.4 When I just had bought the game (Galcon Lite wasnt out back then) my tactic was simple, I took my ships windows 10 Product Key sale and sent it at my opponents planets. Now, some week later, I know that this is a flawed tactic, and I would never simply send away my ships. The game keeps your interest up by continually adding new challenges to overcome, theres 10 different levels on the bots, and each time you raise the difficulty you’ll have to raise your game. The game keeps your attention by having a couple of different game modes to choose from, Classic, Beast, Vacuum, 3-Way, Stealth and Net Game.

Galcon Lite, Galcon, iPhone, iPod Touch Galcon Lite, Galcon, iPhone, iPod Touch

Classic is a one versus one bot game. Beast tests your survival skills by letting the bot start with every planet except 2 (that you control) and your goal is to try to beat him. It takes some playing before you understand how this is done, but the challenge Beast offers at high difficulty ADM-201 will keep you entertained for countless hours. Vacuum is a one player game, where your goal is to capture all the neutral planets before time is up. The higher the difficulty, the less time you have. 3-Way is a three player game. 70-475 What makes it intresting is how AI can “pick sides” for short duration of time, always ready to aid you in your attacks against the strongest player, but will backstab you when an opportunity is presented.

Stealth is probably the funniest cheap Windows 10 Professional Key mode in my opinion. Here you play one bot, just like in classic, but the difference is that you cant see eachothers ships. Playing stealth with the most difficult bot is insane, while playing a somewhat buy windows 10 Product Key easier bot is frustrating, but addictive. When your opponent could have sent his cheap windows 7 key entire fleet towards you, and you dont know about it, you will find yourself getting suprised by his every now and then. And the greatest mode of buy Windows 10 Professional product Key them all; Net Game. Net games work well over both 3G and WiFi, when you tap Net Game in the menu, a list of servers will load up on the screen.

Galcon Lite, Galcon, iPhone, iPod Touch Galcon Lite, Galcon, iPhone, iPod Touch
There’s always a lot of players out on the multiplayer part of the game, so finding opponents is really easy. The servers all run the Classic game mode, but with support for up to 4 players. I can spend several hours each day playing Galcon over the internet. Its addictive and challenging trying to create the best 648-244 strategies for winning each round, and for each round you win the other players will keep an extra eye out for you during the next round, adding to the challenge. In the settings app, you can change your 700-039 favourite colors (for Net Games), choose wether or not you want music, choose your multiplayer name and password and choose keystonegate if you want Color Blind mode.
Graphics: 5,0/10
The graphics are charming, but nothing special.

Sounds: 7,5/10
The sound effects are cute, and they fit nice with the game, again theres nothing special about them, but they get the job done.

Gameplay: 9,8/10
It’s simply an awesome game. Great in Singple-Player, with 10 different AI skill-levels, and it’s dangerously windowslearner addictive in Net Games.

Lasting Appeal: 8,9/10
If Galcon sounds intresting to you now, it will always remain entertaining. Aslong as theres players in the Net Games I can’t see myself ever give up on Galcon.

Price: 8,8/10
After you have played Galcon Lite you’d be ready to pay much more than 4.99$ for the fullversion. Luckily for you, you wont have to.

Overall: 9,2/10
What Galcon lacks in Graphics and Sound it makes up for in Gameplay. Its a charming game, perfect controls and infinite replay value. This is a must-have for every iPhone or’ Touch owner out there!

6 Responses for "Galcon"

  1. GammaTigerX (aka Logan) September 26th, 2008 at 7:22 pm

    Right on man! Trust me people, once you start playing online you won’t be able to stop. When I first bought the game I played it for like 10 minutes and thought it was going to be the biggest $10 waste. But once you start playing online and trying out the different modes it adds a whole new level to it. This is the most addicting game I’ve played in a long time.

  2. BillyC September 27th, 2008 at 4:54 am

    I haven’t played it yet, but it definitely looks like an enjoyable game :) Looking forward to see some more games from this developer!

  3. pwnography September 27th, 2008 at 5:53 am

    Phil Hassey (the dev of Galcon) works on his games alone, so it takes time between the releases.
    He got another game on the appstore aswell, “Melons” but Im not sure if I dare purchasing it, its hard to tell wether its boring or it’d be as addictive as Galcon.
    Im hoping for some updates to galcon instead.

  4. BillyC September 27th, 2008 at 7:30 am

    Oh yeah we wrote about Melons before, it doesn’t look that interesting to me as well :) New updates with new features for Galcon would indeed be nice.

  5. pwnography September 27th, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    Phil is working on it, he wont tell us what tho.
    One thing is for sure tho, and thats that they’re changing the statssystem.

    Most of us is guessing we’ll be seeing a friendslist, a chatroom and a teamgame mode.
    Im keeping my eyes open, thats for sure !

  6. Matthew February 15th, 2010 at 5:09 am

    I’ve been playing this game since it came out for about 3 hours each day. I figure I’ve put around 2000 hours into the game already.

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