Exit Games, iPhone, iPhone 3G, NeutronIGN reports that Exit Games is bringing its cross platform toolset for online multiplayer gaming called Neutron to Apple’s iPhone. Neutron has a few very interesting features that will allow iPhone gamedevelopers to add social and online gaming features in their games:

  • In-game microtransactions and billing
  • Profiles, buddy lists, leaderboards and so on
  • Real-time and turn-based tournament multiplayer options
  • Various matchmaking capabilities and game lobbies
  • In-game voice and text chat

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  1. No online multiplayer for EA’s Scrabble | iPhone 3G Game News, Games for Mac from Apple August 22nd, 2008 at 9:56 am

    […] FingerGaming reports that EA’s Scrabble, which they showed off last week during a press demonstration, will only have a local Wi-Fi mode. When Electronic Arts announced the game for Apple’s iPhone many gamers hoped that this addictive board game would have an online multiplayer mode. According to EA it’s Apple’s fault that they can’t put an online mode in Scrabble because they haven’t made this ability yet. Because Apple doesn’t have the ability for online gaming yet developers are using other tools such as Neutron from Exit Games. […]

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