Enigmo gets seven-day promotion

  • By Mr Sandeman on Aug 28,2008

Enigmo, iPhone, Pangea, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GEnigmo from Pangea Software was one of the earlier iPhone games that motivated us for building this site. This creative title usually costs $9.99 but it’s now having a seven-day pricedrop, the coming week you only pay $5.99 for this unique title. In Enigmo you rotate puzzle pieces to manipulate flowing liquids that find their way through the different levels. Click here to get Enigmo now for only $5.99. This 3D iPhone and iPod Touch game contains 50 levels and features the option to download even more levels.

Enigmo, iPhone, Pangea, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G Enigmo, iPhone, Pangea, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G

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