Cosmic One

  • By Mr Sandeman on Sep 20,2008

Cosmic One, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, oeFunThe folks over at oeFun, who we interviewed a couple of days ago, were so kind to send us an early version of their new game Cosmic One for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Cosmic One also developed iVoodoo and Tilt Me for the iPhone, and now they have another smashing new game for Apple’s devices. In Cosmic One triangles, squares and round shapes fly your way and you need to control the catcher and make sure the shape of the flying object matches the shape in your catcher.

Cosmic One is an extremely easy game, and it’s an easy one to explain. In the left or right corner of your screen is a round catcher that you simply need to give a flick with your figure to make it rotate. It has tree slots, every slot with another figure. From the opposite corner of your screen flying tiles are coming your way. If it’s a triangle, then you need to make sure you match the triangle shape with the shape on your rotator.

Cosmic One, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, oeFun Cosmic One, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, oeFun

In the beginning it’s fairly easy to score some points, but you can make it yourself a little harder by tapping the flying shapes so that they have more speed and you need to be faster to rotate the catcher. The more boost you give to the flying tiles, the more points you get and the higher your score. If you’re not fast enough and the tile hits a figure it doesn’t match with then your rotator gets damaged. After a while it can be repaired if you go a level up, but if you fail to match the figures three times it’s game over for you.

The controls are very easy and the game is extremely user-friendly, you can select if you’re left- or right-handed. The music in the game is great, the music responds to your actions in the game and the song playing in the game’s menu is really catchy. We can’t wait to get our hands on the full version of the game!