• By Daniel on Nov 11,2009

Copter, iPhone game review, iPhone games, iPhone, iPod TouchWe love our iPhones, no doubt about it and that’s why I want to issue a note of caution when downloading Copter. Originally developed an internet game played by bored office workers and students this simple game has taken on cult status. If I were to review this game purely on its aesthetics the description would be something that closely resembled a crash landing with a pile of pejoratives falling onto the page. Fortunately, spectacular graphics aren’t what this game is about and what it lacks in style it certainly makes up for in pure gaming fun. Your mission is to pilot a miniature helicopter through what looks like the set of a dodgy 80’s video game and get the furthest distance possible.

The original version required you to use your mouse to pilot the aircraft through the tunnel but the developers have capitalized on the iPhone’s touch technology to control the chopper. The controls are so simple a trained chimp could play the game; you tap and hold to make the copter to up and you let go to make it drop down. Easy. Personally though, I find that your tapping finger slightly obscures your view of any upcoming obstacles. This is the nature of the beast though and something that makes the game that little bit more taxing than the original internet version. Indeed, the taxing element of the game is what keeps it appealing.

The tunnel starts off comfortably wide but the further you get the narrower it becomes and to make things even trickier the number of randomly placed blocks increase over time. This game is perfect for challenging your friends and the ability to automatically upload your score to your Facebook page makes it perfect for those with too much time on their hands. The game is simple enough that anyone can get good at it and once you start you can’t stop, as getting a better and better score becomes an obsession. Games like Copter thrive on frustrating players to the point of obsession and that is what makes them so popular. Be warned though, the endless drive for perfection only gets more frustrating and as you post further distances that are increasingly difficult to beat your iPhone may start to bear the brunt of your anger.