Cause of Death is an awesome game on the iPhone and iPad (created by EA) for gamers who love criminal justice shows like NCIS or CSI. The game is essentially an interactive novel that comes in chapters for you to either buy or wait till the following week to get for free. The chapters cost .99 cents if you want to buy them early, but that can really add up even if you are a quick gamer.

However, this game really isn’t a game that plays fast. It is very involving and those of you who are studying for a criminal justice degree may have an edge on the rest of us. As I said above the game is essentially an interactive novel. There is a lot of reading involved and users will have to think like real detectives in order to get the high score. Another point that makes it interactive is that you get to choose how your character interacts with his environment. For instance, you can either kick a door down or knock politely until someone answers the door. These actions are timed so you’ll have to think quickly on what actions to take as they will determine the fate of the case as well as the detectives.

The game is very involving as you’ll have to pay strict attention to what is going on at all times. You’ll need to remember clues that you find and sometimes you’ll have to type them in yourself; this isn’t one of those hit-the-right-combination types of detective games. It’s all about following the clues and waiting for the next chapter to come up next week. Also, I recommend that you read carefully in order to find the clues. If you are going for your criminal justice degree, this can be great practice for the future.

Aside from the game play, the graphics are amazing. Each scene is masterfully done to capture the ambiance of the crime genre. The musical score is well done too and indicates to gamers when things are about to get messy.

Though you’ll have to wait for a new chapter each week, it’s really not a big deal. Each chapter will take a lot of time to get through, sometimes one to two hours. You’ll more than likely want to take a break after that anyways. And if you are going for your criminal justice degree, you can probably count it as two hours of studying.

Game wise it’s really fun. The music and art really brings out the exquisite plot of the game that is sure to suck every player in. It’s really the first game of its kind. There aren’t very many truly involving detective games that make gamers think like this one. The downside is the amount of reading that is involved. If you’re the type of gamer that doesn’t like to read, this game may be tiresome for you. If you love old pulp fiction or crime dramas you’ll really love this game and you’ll be excited for the next chapter to come out.

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  1. li li March 15th, 2012 at 2:44 pm

    The moment i started playing this game, I must say I was so hooked by it.. couldn’t stop playing until Eric was finally killed. Your review is excellent, it is exactly how I felt when I played it, I felt as if I was immersed with the whole investigation. The description is well done. However, I am not sure what is happening next, as the Master who is behind Eric has Agent William’s sister. And all of a sudden, I am back to prologue?? What did I do wrong?