5 Games Guaranteed to Addict and Educate

  • By JesseLangley on Aug 3,2011

It’s amazing how many dumb things you can do with a smartphone. Many of the apps featured on the iPhone are ridiculous. They basically serve a market of individuals who are so app happy they will download anything with a double dose of Objective C coding. I mean, who wouldn’t want an app where all you have to do is press your finger on the screen… for no apparent reason what-so-ever?

Though there seems to be an abundance of dumb on smartphones, there are also many awesome games that can challenge your brain so much that you might even start to see a change in your academics. There is a variety of trivia games that could come in handy as a study tool. You can even find math and word games to help you with that Calculus exam and improve your vocabulary for that term paper. So whether you spend your free time hanging out on campus or you attend an online university, don’t forget to grab your iPhone because using it might just raise your GPA.

Braineous: Challenge Your Brain

Braineous boasts “10 games that will stimulate your neurons.” I’ll be the judge of that. In the game you’re a monkey on a game show, and you have to solve various brain teasers to get points. There are ten games that consist of memory, word jumble, math, counting and shape recognition that will challenge your spatial reasoning, logic and pattern recognition. As you gain more points, more exercises are unlocked. You can also compare your score nationally and see who the smartest monkey really is… I mean human being.

Texttwist 2

This is an old favorite from the Yahoo generation. For fans of the old game, nothing has changed, just the medium. Under the time limit, you have to make as many words as you can with the 6 letters given. There are five modes: Original Timed, Untimed, Letter Mania, Lightning and Daily Word. When you get the high score in these modes, you get a trophy and you can unlock “fun facts” (huzzah!). As time goes on, you should learn more words. Whether you know how to use them or not is another story.

Lemonade Stand

You may not know this, but Lemonade Stand was a popular game in the 70s and 80s. You’re probably wondering what it’s doing on the iPhone? Very well, actually. Though your lemonade stand when you were a kid might not have done so well, this lemonade stand is a hopping place. Lemonade Stand takes the tycoon genre to the sandbox. Students will realize the joy of running their own lemonade stand with advertising, pricing and making lemonade for thirsty customers daily. It’s a relatively nice tutorial for future entrepreneurs who want to beat the harsh sun in the comfort of their own home.

Brain Challenge 2: Think Again!

In a world where you think your brain is strong enough? Think Again! Brain Challenge 2 was created to push you beyond the limits of human consciousness—well maybe not, but it is a nice mental work out. By incorporating memory, visual, logic and math problems, this sequel is prepped to develop lean, toned lobes. The sequel contains several (and I mean too many) mini-games that engage your brain in so many ways you’ll be sore the next morning. But if impressing your teachers and peers with a massive noggin doesn’t appeal to you, you can always download that finger game I was talking about earlier.

A Business Tycoon

This game is so smart it might crash your iPhone. It is advised to restart your phone after downloading this game to avoid such a scenario. The point of the game is to amass a large amount of money by buying assets when they are at low prices and then selling them when they make a profit (Why didn’t they teach this in school). Though you may not be fortunate to have a class like this, it will at least be fun to live vicariously through a 32 bit person.

Just like in that new commercial, there are a lot of apps on the iPhone that are really dumb. However there are also many apps that can be useful for school or business. Smartphones aren’t just for dumb people; they can make smart people smarter. And what better way to get smart than playing a game?

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