5 Games for a Quick Study Break

  • By JesseLangley on Jul 11,2011

There is nothing worse than working on projects for school knowing that the best thing a break can give you is another cup of coffee. It is important to get in a solid break periodically where you can remove yourself from what you’re doing. Not only will it relieve your mind, but you’ll come back to it much more relaxed and ready to keep working. One great way to do this is to whip out your iPhone and find a game that you can play for 5-10 minutes to distract you from that online MBA you’re trying so desperately to get. So sit back relax and maybe download a few of these games for your breaks…

New games are emerging everyday on iTunes. These are five of the newest games to make it into the iTunes store.

Hard Lines is a fairly addictive snake game. The game follows Lionel, a line on a mission to kill all other lines and collect their data points that they leave behind. Hard Lines is different from the first snake games. It is very color; it looks much like Tron light cycles. Also there are many different game modes for everyone including a Gauntlet, Survival and Pinata mode. Lionel also says little quotes as he snakes around, making him one of the most talkative yellow lines out there. Hard Lines is a fun game to play that doesn’t take a lot of time to master and it only cost .99

Match Panic is a matching game involving a line of silly objects and time limits. The controls are simple: tap left or right arrows to get the object into the right pile. However you have to be quick before you here the annoying time limit beep. This game is also very addictive. Its simplistic game play makes it a fun time waster. The graphics are nice too and at .99 cents it’s a must.

Joining Hands is a goofy strategy game where you make all the characters happy and, consequently, hold hands. Not all of the characters are happy in the same places. So much of the game is trying to figure out where to best place them so that they are all happy. As the game goes on, more characters are introduced and the game becomes more challenging. This game is beautifully animated and very addictive, however it can be very frustrating at first. It only costs 2.99.

Pudding Panic is a game where you are a pudding riding on a track in a haunted house. The object of the game is to maneuver the tracks without being scared off your cart. It’s tough being a pudding in a room full of monsters! Luckily there are a couple of ways to avoid the monsters and ghosts and make it to the end of the ride. As the game progresses, you receive more options. Some of the options are to change the tracks so you avoid the monsters. Others will allow you to scare the monsters away. Another graphically pleasing game with relatively spooky characters and it only costs .99.

Fantastic Knight is an awesome RPG that allows you to choose from two characters: a male knight and a female rogue. The game is about the fall of a corrupt government and the two protagonists who bring it down. A very fun game and just like any other RPG. With the ability to use spells and customize your character, Fantastic Knight is a fun game to try over and over again. The gameplay is astounding. Tapping the attack button will allow constant attacks on all enemies in sight. And the spell buttons are right next to it for instant power-ups and mega attacks. Ultimately Fanastic Knight is a crisp, fun game at only 2.99.

With all the new games that come out for the iPhone, it’s good to have a little extra time to play them. Whether you’re taking a study break or passing time in your day, it’s nice to find some cheap games to play and waste a little time.

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