Review: Thingy Blox

  • By Guest Reviewer on Jun 13,2011

Thingy Blox for the iPad is certainly going to be one of the next hit games. Being just released June 9th 2011, this game is already making a name for itself. It will certainly take up hours of your time. It is a fun game that you will be able to play by yourself or with friends. Play all the different modes to find new ways to challenge yourself and others.

FDG Entertainment has really come up with a new twist on what at first seems to be a familiar game play. It may remind you of other games that you have played so this will help you understand the basic concept. However, when you begin to play Thingy Blox you will quickly see that you have never played a game like this before. It is very easy to play, yet; if you feel that you do need to read through the instructions they are offered at the beginning of the game. But since this is such a simple game to quickly understand the concept, don’t waste your time reading the instructions. Those are valuable minutes you could be using to play the game. This is one of those simple but yet very addicting games that will be sweeping across the nation by the end of the month.

Thingy Blox, iPad, iPad games, FDG Entertainment

There are 4 different game modes that you can try your hand at. The 4 different modes are: Timed Round, Strategy, Challenge, and Multiplayer. In the Timed Round mode you are racing against the clock to see how many blox you can bust. Then there is the Strategy mode where you may have to concentrate while playing this mode. This mode is not recommended to play while multitasking at work. The other modes are better choices for that, but leave this one for when you have time to focus on it. Next, is the Challenge mode where you can choose the degree of difficulty and begin to play just like before. In Multiplayer mode you can challenge a friend to who can bust the most blox in an allotted time. The gameplay is set up so that there is no confusion on whose turn it is as it clearly states which player is up, but more importantly who is winning.

Thingy Blox, iPad, iPad games, FDG Entertainment

This is one of those games that may seem so simple at the surface level. If that is all you are looking for in a game that this would work for that, but if you want this game can be so much more. It is one of those games that the more you play the more you begin to strategize and figure out how you can really start busting a lot of blox at one time. This is when Thingy Blox really starts to get fun.