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Chimps Ahoy! gets a Lite version in the App Store

  • Author: Mr Sandeman
  • Filed under: Demo, iPhone, iPod
  • Date: Aug 15,2008

Chimps Ahoy!, iPhone, iPhone 3G, Griptonite GamesThe funky monkey action game Chimps Ahoy! just got a free Lite-version of itself in the App Store. The demo is now available and gives you seven levels that should convince you to buy the full game, which costs $4.99. The full version of this game with plenty of chimps, treasures, bouncing coconuts and power-ups has 100 levels and has an average of four out of five. You can download Chimps Ahoy! Lite here.

New patch should make Super Monkey Ball easier

Super Monkey Ball, iPhone, SEGA, iPhone 3G, iPod TouchSuper Monkey Ball from SEGA is one of the best iPhone games out there, but it’s pretty hard for people who aren’t familiar with the Super Monkey Ball series. The game has already sold over 300,000 copies and will now get an update that will make the game a little easier reports MTV Multiplayer. After running this update you should have more grip on the controls and you should be able to tweak the ‘dead zone’. The dead zone is the orientation at which you could hold the iPhone to stop moving. SEGA hasn’t confirmed this patch yet.

IQ Boost training your short-term memory

IQ Boost, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, tnxbaiIQ Boost, a brain training game developed by tnxbai, is now available in the App Store. It’s based on the Dual N-Back cognitive exercise, which is said to be the only exercise that improves your short-term memory and fluid intelligence. The game has adjustable difficulty levels and features a nice detailed reporting of your progress in the game. The game is 0,7 MB big and costs $5.99 in the App Store.

Interview with Ben Gottlieb from Stand Alone

Crosswords, Interviews, Ben Gottlieb, Stand Alone, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GWe recently had the chance to ask Ben Gottlieb of Stand Alone some questions about Crosswords, their first game for Apple’s iPhone. The game has been out for some time now and Ben Gottlieb is very happy with the success of their title and the response they received from the community. Ben Gottlieb also talked about their plans for the future. Read the rest of this entry »

Balloonacy new free app with some advertisements

Balloonacy, Mobile Amusements, iPhone, iPhone 3GBalloonacy is the first game of Mobile Amusements for the iPhone and it’s now available in the App Store. In the game you need to tilt the iPhone to guide your balloon through maze-like levels. If you touch an obstacle or one of the walls, your balloon will pop and your quest for keys to open walls will cost you an extra balloon life. The cool thing about the game is that it’s absolutely free, it just has some advertising in it.

Sci-fi life on your iPhone in Astro Ranch

  • Author: Mr Sandeman
  • Filed under: iPhone, iPod
  • Date: Aug 13,2008

TAG Games, Astro Ranch, iPhone 3G, iPhone, Rock\'n\'RollToday TAG Games confirmed the development of Astro Ranch to PocketGamer. Astro Ranch looks a bit like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, but opposed to those two games Astro Ranch is set somewhere in the 50’s in a sci-fi world with motion- and touch-controls with some cool connectivity features. Sindy Starlight is your name and you’re an intrepid space explorer who starts an own ranch while exploring the planet and becoming friends with the locals.

You’ll have to build up your own ranch, pan for gold by shaking the iPhone, compete in various contests, build fences and throw lasso’s to runaway animals by giving the screen a tap. The game will have an original soundtrack and a user-controlled camera. The best feature is the possibility to trade items and send messages and gifts to other gamers who have Astro Ranch.

TAG Games also announced the production of Rock’n’Roll for the iPhone, it’s due to come out before Astro Ranch which is set for release somewhere in March 2009. After the iPhone launch Astro Ranch will also be released for the Nintendo DS and Nokia N-Gage. More screenshots of Astro Ranch after the break. Read the rest of this entry »

Toy Bot Diaries Entry 1 looks very cool

IUGO, Toy Bot Diaries Entry 1, iPhone, iPhone 3GToday IUGO released its innovative iPhone-game Toy Bot Diaries Entry 1 in the App Store. You play as a cute little robot called Toy Bot and you control him by tilting the iPhone. By tapping objects in the levels you pick them up and use them. The first impressions of the game are very positive, so it’s definitely worth that $3.99. Now all we have to do is wait for Toy Bot Diaries Entry 2 to come out!

Adrenaline Poker Online now available

  • Author: Mr Sandeman
  • Filed under: Card, iPhone, iPod
  • Date: Aug 13,2008

Adrenaline Poker Online, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, iPhone, EurocenterThere were already some Poker-games available on the market for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but with Adrenaline Poker Online from publisher Eurocenter you can now play poker online. You can play Limit and No Limit Texas Hold’em with up to nine other players, or you can play all by yourself in the nice solo mode. Adrenaline Poker Online is now available for $2.99.

More info and screenshots from Rolando

In July HandCircus announced a neat looking game called Rolando, a physics puzzler that looks a lot like LocoRoco for Sony’s PlayStation Portable. It has the same colorful look like LocoRoco, but the controls of this puzzle game are off course totally different. You can manipulate the levels by rotating, sliding, dragging, pressing buttons and so on. In some of the bonus levels you will be able to rotate the level just by using the accelerometer. HandCircus announced that in Rolando’s world there are some new additions like piranhas, cannons, slime pits, evil spiders, torches and much more.

Rolando, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod Touch, Handcircus Rolando, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod Touch, Handcircus Rolando, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod Touch, Handcircus

Neil Young, ngmoco and nglabs at iPhoneDevCamp 2

Neil Young, an former Electronic Arts game producer who started his own iPhone development studio called ngmoco, gave an interesting keynote at iPhoneDevCamp 2 in San Francisco. Young tells why he quit EA to start his own iPhone development studio and what his plans for the future are.

The keynote is definitely worth watching, but here’s what he basically said about the iPhone and the plans of ngmoco. He thinks that the iPhone should try to do what the Nintendo DS is doing. As an example he told about Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training, a game that cost $300,000 to develop and brought in $300 million. Small developers need to use the soft- and hardware they have just like Nintendo does with its not so powerful Nintendo DS. He says the iPhone has a lot of potential to beat both the PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo DS because it combines the best of the two.

Now it’s up to the small developers, he wants their ideas. He launched nglabs, a new part of ngmoco that gives the developers of 10 applications the opportunity to develop their own game. ngmoco will help them with the funding, each will receive $10,000 and ngmoco will publish the game. The developers can keep all the rights on their game.