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New iPod Nano most unsuitable for games

  • Author: Mr Sandeman
  • Filed under: iPod Nano
  • Date: Sep 1,2010

iPod Nano, iPod games, iOS, iPod ShuffleAlong with the new iPod Touch 4th generation and an even smaller iPod Shuffle, Apple’s Steve Jobs announced a new iPod Nano. The new Nano is a tiny bit bigger than the new iPod Shuffle, and has no buttons just like the iPod Touch. Apple got rid of the clickwheel on the iPod Nano and instead chose for a small square-ish iPod with one small touch screen. The Nano now runs on iOS just like it’s big brothers and should support gamestuff like Game Center.

We were just wondering how it’s possible to play a decent game on a screen that’s almost as big as the size of your left nipple? The new iPod Nano looks cool, but holding it doesn’t look like it’s the most comfortable thing to do and gaming on it looks even harder. There could be some puzzle games that might work on the device, but other than that we’d say gaming on the iPod Nano is quite impossible. It looks like the iPod nano is from now on for the non-gamers only. You might as well try gaming on the iPod Shuffle!