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Get Ready for the New iPhone 5S/5C, Trade In Your Old iPhone

  • Author: Mr Sandeman
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  • Date: Sep 20,2013


What’s not to like about the new iPhone 5S? A fingerprint reader that even reads your cat’s paws, a new A7 chip that makes the gorgeous iOS 7 run faster than the old versions on your old iPhone and an even slicker design. And how about that iPhone 5C with its vibrant colors and neat cases that come with it?

Of course you want to upgrade to one of these, and nowadays you luckily don’t have to worry too much about losing much money on your “old” iPhone. The value of used iPhones is always subject to the prevailing market supply/demand conditions – so to get right ahead of the pack, you needed to sell yesterday, or even before. This means you now need to shop around for the best value deals. There are a number of iPhone trade-in programs, each wit hits pros and cons. Let’s take a look at a few of the best ones.

1. lets you sell any of your Apple devices and other electronics for cash in hands. The site first asks for on-screen confirmation of your iPhone model details. Next you grade your phone as good, flawless or broken, before receiving an instant offer to purchase. Gazelle offer a new price lock-in for iPhones if the sale is agreed before October 31st. This would allow you time to take delivery of your new phone before then sending off the old one to Gazelle for a check/PayPal settlement. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 5 iPhone Puzzle Games

  • Author: JesseLangley
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  • Date: Apr 2,2012

Puzzles are among the most popular games that people download on their mobile devices: searches for favorite puzzle games occur as often as searches for any other type of downloadable game. Puzzles are fun and arguably addictive, and can also be useful for testing a person’s problem solving skills. They are also recommended for people for logic (reasoning) strengthening, pattern recognition, sequence solving, strategy and word completion.

The iPhone is one of the most popular mobile devices on the market. The iTunes store makes it easy for iPhone owners to download puzzles as well as thousands of other games. Below are five popular puzzles, each of which challenges players in different ways.

Bejeweled Blitz

Cost: Free

This is the same game that people find so addictive on the Internet. Although Bejeweled Blitz is largely a game of luck, it also tests your focus. The object is to match as many gems as you can in one minute. The iPhone app connects to a browser version of the game with Facebook, allowing you to compete against your friends and view scores on a cross-platform leader board.

Scribblenauts Remix

Cost: $0.99

Scribblenauts Remix is a puzzle game that challenges your creativity. Players write any word that they want, modify it with an adjective, and bring that object to life in order to solve puzzles.  Although this is an action-packed game, it’s a thinking person’s game as well. Scribble Speak, which simplifies the game by allowing players to say the words rather than type them, is exclusive to iPhone 4S.


Cost: Free

Sudoku is the same Japanese puzzle game that is available in puzzle books and newspapers. The object is to put the numbers 1-9 into a grid of cells; no row or column can have the same number more than once, which makes this game very challenging. This app has four different skill levels, multiple color schemes and approximately 700 puzzles. Additionally, there are different puzzle styles, including standard, symmetrical and patterned.

W.E.L.D.E.R. Words

Cost: $0.99

W.E.L.D.E.R. Words received the iPhone Game of the Week Award, and it was also designated the top iPad Game of 2011. This word game challenges you to create words and gain points by using gems and gold tiles. The rules are simple: the more words you create, the more rewards you earn. Special reverse, jump swaps and group make it possible for players to clear broken tiles and create more words. With multiplier tiles, you earn even more points. Phones that use the iOS 5 operating system have a built-in dictionary, which you can consult for help.

Unblock Me

Cost: Free

Unblock Me is a free puzzle game that challenges you to slide blocks out of the way so you can get the red block off of the board. It comes as a 400-puzzle pack in the beginner level; however, there are 200 more unique puzzles as part of the intermediate and advanced levels.

People are always drawn to video games. The games that are available as apps for cell phones offer challenges to users that range from sheer luck to creativity, logic and the ability to come up with words. Some are also interactive in that they are entwined with social media networks, as is the case with Bejeweled. If you are a puzzle lover, then these five top iPhone games are definitely worth investigating. Have fun!

Shining, Shimmering, Splendid: iPad 3’s Retina Display Dazzles

  • Author: JesseLangley
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  • Date: Mar 26,2012

Chances are you have heard about the new Apple tablet affectionately named “iPad 3.” If you’re wondering what the big deal is with the buzz surrounding Apple’s latest tablet, then you really haven’t been paying attention. Perhaps the most talked about, and hyped aspect of the new iPad is the retina display. While the retina display is not new to Apple — the iPhone 4 saw the introduction of the retina display in mid-2010 — but the flashy new display is a key piece of what makes the new iPad great for gamers. There are already some games that push the limits of the iPad’s new display and many argue that the iPad retina display outshines every other tablet on the market in the video quality category. Still, others wonder if the new retina display is enough to drive hardcore gamers to the iPad.

Some Amazing Graphics Features

  • Retina Display — In case you were wondering whether or not the new retina display was awesome, we’ll bang that drum one more time — the new iPad retina display is awesome. It boasts four times the video resolution of the iPad 2. What does this mean in numbers? For the true gadget nerds out there, this means a resolution of 2048-by-1536, 44 percent more color saturation and upwards of 3.1 million pixels on the screen. That’s over 3 million pixels on a 9.7-inch screen.
  • Quad-Core Graphics Processing —There is some controversy surrounding the iPad’s A5X quad core graphics processing claim. Without getting too technical, the argument is that Apple misrepresented the GPU capabilities, or that the new iPad is not truly capable of quad-core graphics processing. Wherever you land on this issue, it’s undeniable that the graphics processing capabilities on the new iPad are superior to most tablets on the market. Tested against other tablets, the new iPad performs complicated graphics processing tasks much quicker, and with minimal to zero latency.
  • Up to 1080p HD — While not a graphics-specific feature, this is a neat tool for anyone interested in tech gadgets of the future. That is, the new iPad can shoot HD video up 1080p, which is a significant upgrade from the iPad 2 that shot digital video up to 720p.

So, Will Gamers Migrate to the iPad HD? Probably.

It would surprise no one to find that Apple’s recent foray into mobile gaming was no coincidence — especially with the release of the new iPad. The key to attracting the most hardcore gamers has to do with mobile graphics processing. Without a powerful graphics processor, mobile gaming is pointless. But this is where things have gotten a little fuzzy in the race for the fastest graphics in the tablet world. Many tablets that claim to have the best graphics are often making that claim while running a dual core graphics processor. But considering that Apple upgraded the iPad HD’s video processor to quad-core processing with the new A5X processor, that claim can no longer hold up. This is where the graphics race expects to get heated. More and more hardware manufacturers are beginning to develop quad core graphics processors, which will bring mobile gaming to the next level.


Mobile Linebacker puts you in the defense line of football as a linebacker. The developer guys at VIVA! Vision Inc. and VODA digital LLC probably figured that kids nowadays are woosies and should learn to catch some hits. After all, offense is just a matter of having guts; defense is all about being a real man and fighting ’til the end!

The game includes about 20 new plays, and was developed in collaboration with some kings of defense such as Joe Tafoya of the Arizone Cardinals, Chike Okeafor of the San Francisco 49ers and Running Back Kerry Carter of the Seattle Seahawks amongst others.

Today, a new update for the game was released, a reason for us to finally write about this game as it’s unique in the field of sports games for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Read the rest of this entry »

Sims Creator Begins Tampering with Real Life

  • Author: JesseLangley
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  • Date: Nov 21,2011

Will Wright, creator of The Sims, is moving beyond mere pixels, and taking gamers with him. Instead of letting you play god and housing designer to a group of non-sentient AI, his newest game will actually play games with your life with a little help from GPS, cloud storage, and your friends.

If it sees that you go to car shows frequently, it will mold the game accordingly. The more the game finds out about you, the more it’s going to be customized to your life. If you share absolutely nothing with it, you’ll be left with what should be a very generic, but perhaps mildly entertaining game. Read the rest of this entry »

How the iPhone Has Changed the World

  • Author: JesseLangley
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  • Date: Oct 20,2011

When Steve Jobs said that the iPhone would change the world in 2007, we all just nodded our heads, enthralled with the idea of mobile computing. Time with our phones has quickly outpaced time spent with our gaming consoles, e-readers and dictionaries. We can do just about anything we want from the iPhone. Read the rest of this entry »

What the iPhone 4S Means to Gamers

  • Author: JesseLangley
  • Filed under: Features, iPhone
  • Date: Oct 12,2011

The iPhone 4S is shiny and new. The camera can start up and be ready for the first photo in 1.1 second, and be ready for another in .5. The device itself is slightly weightier, probably a result of an added antennae (completely eliminating the antennae issues of iPhone 4) and the GSM and CDMA radios, making them globe-trotter friendly. Read the rest of this entry »

8 Bits of Awesomeness

  • Author: JesseLangley
  • Filed under: Games, iPhone
  • Date: Oct 3,2011

Minecraft, perhaps the first game to have its own con before its official release, still isn’t coming to the iPhone just yet. Thanks to a nice deal made with Sony Xperia, indie darling Mojang has said that it will come to iOS, but Sony and Android will have a period of exclusivity. Details on exactly how long that will be haven’t surfaced yet, but publishers are saying it will be later this year. Read the rest of this entry »

Rushing Ninjas: Rush those ninjas through or get chopped

Rushing Ninjas, iPhone, iPod Touch, Frostware Entertainment Rushing Ninjas, iPhone, iPod Touch, Frostware Entertainment

Today Rushing Ninjas by the guys from Frostware Entertainment, the studio known for The Starchildren and Skycat, rushed into Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch. This arcade-like game is the perfect way to test your multitasking skills in ninja style. Rushing Ninjas challenges you to get as many ninjas as possible through the screen without having them chopped into tiny pieces by cool but dangerous creatures like evil dragons. The game has Game Center support for all the leader board and achievement whores among you. Rushing Ninjas can be yours for $0.99.

Idyllic removing gaps between casual and hardcore gamers

Idyllic might sound a bit very idyllic for an iPhone game, even though it sure looks idyllic from the info and first media of the game. The game wants you to put on your jumping shoes to start jumping around in the idyllic world of the game to collect coins that allow you to upgrade. While jumping you need to defeat monsters that are trying to stop you. As you grow stronger, the world starts to evolve, the music idyllically changes and in turn makes the game even more… idyllic. Fatcow Games promises that the game’s concept is fresh and new, and that it should make the boarder that divides casual gamers from hardcore gamers even thinner. The game is due to appear in the App Store on September 22nd for both iOS devices.