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Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious, iPhone, iPhone game reviews, iPhone games, iPod TouchRacing games and the iPhone is a match made in heaven. The in-built tilt technology lends itself perfectly to manoeuvring the car as it mimics a steering wheel. Unlike many other racing games the developers of Fast and Furious really seemed to have nailed the interface between the game controls and the iPhone’s accelerometer. There is no ridiculous over steer or need to tilt your iPhone too far in one direction to make the car budge an inch. Sensitivity is often a problem with racing games but Fast and Furious has been perfectly calibrated to provide players with a game that feels realistic but with an element of control in place. Read the rest of this entry »

More details on Firemint’s Real Racing for iPhone

Firemint, the developer of cool mobile games such as The Fast & the Furious: Pink Slip and FIA World Rally Championship, has announced some released new details on its upcoming iPhone racegame Real Racing. The game is currently in pre-beta and is looking awesome:


* Up to 6 cars on screen
* Animated cockpit with driver and instruments showing race data
* Touch on right to accelerate. on Left to brake
* Licensed songs, different types of vehicle types
* Realistic physics and collision response
* Camera button to switch views
* Different AI personalities

Source: Touch Arcade

Black Mamba Racer

Black Mamba Racer, iPhone, iPod Touch, StarbyteDo you remember the golden age of video arcades? They were dark, smelly places where spotty teenage boys would crowd around the latest cabinets as loud music, bright neon and happy smiles filled the room. Alas it seems that the video arcade is a dying institution now as home consoles provide just as much power and gaming with your mates means playing someone online that could well be on the other side of the world! In those days games seemed somewhat purer, simpler, more honest, straightforward and immediate. They were also usually very hard. Read the rest of this entry »

Ferrari GT: Evolution now in App Store

Ferrari GT: Evolution is another great iPhone game developed by Gameloft. This $9.99 game has an awesome feature list and will definitely be one of the top selling App Store games. Everyone who saw the cinematic trailer of the game might be a little disappointed by the graphics in-game, but it’s by far one of the best-looking iPhone and iPod Touch games out on the market. With future updates it will be possible to race gamers from all over the world. Ferrari GT: Evolution will be available tonight.

Play iPhone games on your TV

The most recent iPhone SDK’s allow developers to output apps via Video Out to a screen. Freeverse has modified its iPhone and iPod Touch game Moto Chaser so that it can be played on a TV screen. Normally the game runs at 26 FPS, but the TV-version of the game runs at only 20 FPS. Let’s hope that Apple will allow developers to use this cool feature in all of their games.

via Ars Technica

Boat racer Wave Blazer dropped in price

Today developer Polarbit has dropped the price of Wave Blazer, a fun boat racer for iPhone and iPod Touch. The original price of the game was $4.99, but now the game has been dropped to just $0.99. The game features a single player and a multiplayer mode.

New overwhelming Ferrari GT Evolution trailer

Gameloft has released another cinematic trailer of its upcoming iPhone and iPod Touch game Ferrari GT Evolution. Just like in the other video, the game looks graphically stunning in the trailer. But don’t expect the game itself to be graphically this good. Ferrari GT Evolution is coming out in December.

Zombie Drive takes over iPhone

Fuel Industries, a Canadian interactive company and iPhone developer, has developed its second iPhone game. In Zombie Drive you’re the only left in a quarantined zone sectioned off by the army. If you’re doomed to get nuked, you might as well take out some zombies on the way—by driving them over. The game is a full 3D driving game built in Unity and will soon be available for just $0.99 in the App Store.

Powerboat Challenge out now

Powerboat Challenge, iPhone, iPod Touch, Fish LabsPowerboat Challenge, an award-winning race game with boats, is now available for the iPod Touch and iPhone. The game contains different types of races held all around the world. You’ll have to compete other boat racers and break time targets in order to become the world champion boat racing on the iPhone and iPod Touch. By performing tricks you can earn style points, and with these points you can go shopping to buy new gear. Better turbos, chip tuning, stronger engines, they all have their price but they can help you beat even more challengers. Powerboat Challenge is now available for $3.99.

Low Grav Racer has low gravity level

In Low Grav Racer for the iPhone and iPod Touch you control a ship flying on low gravity circuits. By picking up special items and lightning bolts you can get to the finish even faster. Fans of futuristic racegames will immediately think of WipeOut when they see the video of the game. Low Grav Racer is developed by CobraMobile, the studio behind Mouse About and Numba. The game should come out soon.