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Jewel Quest II temporarily drops in price

Jewel Quest II, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod TouchJewel Quest II, one of the best match-three puzzle games in the App Store, has just been reduced in price. Until October 3rd you can pickup Jewel Quest II for only $1.99 in the App Store. So far the pricepoint of the game was the only reason for not buying this game, but now that it has been dropped in price it’s definitely worth spending your money on.

Cosmic One

Cosmic One, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, oeFunThe folks over at oeFun, who we interviewed a couple of days ago, were so kind to send us an early version of their new game Cosmic One for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Cosmic One also developed iVoodoo and Tilt Me for the iPhone, and now they have another smashing new game for Apple’s devices. In Cosmic One triangles, squares and round shapes fly your way and you need to control the catcher and make sure the shape of the flying object matches the shape in your catcher. Read the rest of this entry »

Touch’Em makes animals match on iPhone

Play’Em has just announced that it has released Touch’Em for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s the studio’s first game for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch and it uses the multi-touch technology from both devices. Touch ʻEm is a unique take on icon-matching games, leveraging the iPhone
platformʼs multi-touch technology to create a fast-paced and addictive experience that makes time fly! The game can be played one or two handed with fingers and thumbs, you just need to tap or swipe at least three of the same animals to make a match. A feature list is waiting for you behind the click. Read the rest of this entry »

Rock’n’Roll rocks out in cool video

Tag Games has just released a first video of its new puzzle/action game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Rock’n’Roll looks a lot like an extremely colorful version of LocoRoco for Sony’s PlayStation Portable. You simply tilt the iPhone to guide your character through the maze. The story behind Rock’n’Roll is a familiar concoction of friendship, music, kidnapping and blown fuses! You play as ‘Roll’, a rather well rounded character, who must enter the spinning mazes of Flint Island in an effort to recover the Evil Sky Spirits musical notes and save his best friend ‘Roll’ from imprisonment. Check out this posts for Rock’n’Roll screenshots!

oeFun ready to release Cosmic One

oefun, cosmic one, iphone, ipod touch, apple, mac, gamesoeFun, the developer of iVoodoo and other iPhone games, has released the first details on Cosmic One, a puzzle game that should be coming out soon. With its intuitive yet simple controls and addictive gameplay this game will keep you busy for a while. You simply move a catcher on the screen by turning it with your thumb to match the symbol of the falling tile. You can also make the tile drop faster to make it even more exciting. Read the rest of this entry »

TanZen for just 99 cents for limited time

TanZen, Little White Bear Studios, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GFor a limited time TanZen from Little White Bear Studios costs only $0.99 in the app Store. If you’re still not sure whether or not you should get this game, then there’s still the lite version of TanZen for you to try out. The demo version of the game contains 18 of all 200 puzzles available in the full game. With future updates the developers will be providing even more puzzles for the game, along with new diffuclties and the ability to solve puzzles in any other order.

Source: FingerGaming

Star Trigon ready to conquer the iPhone

Star Trigon, Namco, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GToday Namco Networks has released Star Trigon for the iPod Touch and iPhone. This $9.99 game is based on the original 2002 Namco arcade name. Star Trigon is prepared to rescue the world by using his special Trigon rescue techniques by just tapping the screen and hopping from planet to planet in order to form Trigons. The game features four difficulty levels, 79 different stages and lots of addictive pick-up-and-play action.

iLounge really likes the game and says that even though the game isn’t as popular as Namco’s Pac-Man or Pole Position it’s actually a lot cooler than those iPod clickwheel games.

Elastic fun with colored gems in iSnap

iSnap, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, I Play Phone Games, iPhone 3GIn iSnap for the iPod Touch and iPhone you control a metallic ball that’s tied to the center of the field with an elastic tetcher, and by pulling, dragging and then releasing the ball you can make it fly up into the air and make it land on the colored gems. You could say that there’s plenty of other games that lets you play with colored gems, but the gameplay of this I Play Phone Games title is a nice variation on all the others out there. iSnap is now available in the App Store for $0.99.

Free demo Puzzloop in the App Store

Puzzloop, Puzzloop Free, Hudson, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GTo convince potential buyers to buy Puzzloop, Hudson has released a demo version of its puzzle game under the title ‘Puzzloop Free’. In Puzzloop you control a turrett that’s placed in the center of your screen and you’re job is to fire colored balls at incoming balls that you need to take down in groups of three. There’s a few levels in Puzzloop Free that should give you an idea of how the game works.

Jewel Quest II puzzled itself in the App Store

Jewel Quest II, I-Play, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GJewel Quest II was just thrown into the App Store for $8.99. This puzzle-adventure game was developed by I-Play and is based on the very popular and well-selling casual game franchise Jewel. In the game you play as Rupert who picks up a new treasure trail in search of the most cryptic Jewel Board ever. Jewel Quest II has great multi-touch controls, graphics and over 50 levels of puzzle fun!