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Platformer Demolition Dash gets bug fixes in new update

Demolition Dash, iPhone platform games, dreamfab

The iPhone platformer Demolition Dash just got a free update by developer dreamfab. The developers fixed some bugs, made loading times shorter, improved background music and made the first level of the game a big easier for the noobs who try the game for the first time. There aren’t any big new things in this update, it’s more of a fix for some nasty things that were in the prior version of the game. The Endless Run mode will be released in the version 2.0 of the game, it’s due to come out soon.

Cube coming to iPhone next week

Mobigame has announced that Edge, the company’s first iPhone and iPod Touch game, will be available in the iTunes App Store next week. The game lets you control a cube through different geometric levels while solving puzzles and avoiding cube-hating hazards. Tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch or use your finger to control your cube through the 26 game environments.

Edge won a Milthon award for ‘Best Mobile Game of 2008′ at the Festival Du Jeu Video and is nominated for the award of ‘Excellence in Gameplay’ at the Internation Mobile Gaming Award competition. Mobigame was founded by David Papazian, the idea to develop Edge came from Matthieu Malot, the game designer and graphist.

Source: FingerGaming

Team Phobic releases Bounce On trailer

iPhone developer Team Phobic has released a new trailer of its upcoming iPhone and iPod Touch game Bounce On. Their new title is a side scrolling platformer in which you contorl a ball that’s trying to make it home while collecting gems and avoiding sneaky enemies. The game includes 15 levels and should come out sometime this month for a low initial price.

Free Disney-game RhinoBall in App Store

RhinoBall, Bolt, Disney, iPhone, iPod TouchTo promote the upcoming animation film Bolt, Disney has released a small free game called RhinoBall for the iPod Touch and iPhone. In this accelerometer based game you control Rhino, a cute little hamster, who rolls his way to his friend Bolt, a dog. On your way there you need to collect as many lightning bolts as you can to end the level. It’s a quite simple game but it’s nice as a freebie.

Five Freeverse games got a little cheaper

Moto Chaser developed by Freeverse

Developer Freeverse has dropped five of their games in price. Five games, five dollars each!

  • Big Bang Board Games
  • Big Bang Sudoku
  • Flick Bowling
  • Monkey Lab
  • Moto Chaser

DotEmu to develop classic games for iPhone

DotEmu, Nicky Boom, iPhone, iPhone 3G, Apple

DotEmu, a French developer, has announced that they are working on games for Apple’s iPhone. The first title should come out in the last quarter of this year or the first quarter of 2009. Xavier Liard, CEO of DotEmu, says that they especially want to license classic games and bring them to new mobile devices by using emulation technology developed by DotEmu’s CTO. Liard says that the iPhone has a great resolution for classic games and believes that there is a classic game for every gamer, even for the casual gamers.

Their first title is Nicky Boom, the classic Amiga platformer already available for other mobile devices. In Nicky Boom you control Nicky, a young boy who’s on a journey to save his grandfather who has been cursed by from a witch’s spell. He must defend himself by throwing bouncy balls, logs, apple cores and so on. NickyBoom contains eight levels situated in four different themes with a swamp, a dark forest and a castle. DotEmu didn’t want to give us details on their other iPhone-games yet, but all games from DotEmu’s catalog can be ported to the iPhone.