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Saturday Night Fever: Dance! slides and taps on iPhone

The rhythm and dance game Saturday Night Fever: Dance! for iPhone and iPod Touch is now available in the App Store. The game is based on the classic 70’s film with John Travolta as Tony Manero. Saturday Night Fever: Dance! contains four levels of difficulty, and players have to choice to play as one of two seventies-styled studs who will test their tap and slide skills to beats from the seventies including hit songs like YMCA (The Village People), Shake Your Groove Thing (Peaches and Herb), Car Wash (Rose Royce) and many other classic songs. The game also offers a hotseat mode that allows up to four players to compete by taking turns and passing the defice off to one another. Saturday Night Fever: Dance! is now available for $4.99.

Jump jumps around in App Store

SMAGA Bakery mailed us to let us know that their new iPhone and iPod Touch game Jump is now available in the App Store for $0.99. Goal of the game is to get the best score and to collect the cups at the end of each level by tilting your device. Read the rest of this entry »

All Stars Quarterback coming soon

All Stars Quarterback, iPhone, iPod Touch, TAG GamesTAG Games is currently working hard on All Stars Quarterback for iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s the second game in their All Stars Sports series, it will follow the launch of All Stars Darts that got an update today. The game is expected to come out Thursday 18th December at the special launch price of $0.99.

What could be more American than playing football and smashing stuff up? All Stars QB blends these two favourite all American pastimes in a compelling mixture of sports and arcade action! Taking place in the parking lot behind the All Stars Sports bar the player must prove their throwing skills are better than their opponents or risk having to buy the first round of drinks!

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Chocolate Shop Frenzy released in App Store

Chocolate Shop Frenzy, Digital Chocolate, iPhone, iPod TouchThe latest addition in the App Store is Digital Chocolate’s time managing game Chocolate Shop Frenzy, selling for . Just like in Diner Dash, also available in the App Store, the gamer’s task is to take orders, deliver the food and to make sure that everything is running smooth in the Chocolate Shop. Other similar games like Daycare Nightmare and Sally’s Salon have proven that time management games on the iPhone are very addictive. If you’re not convinced about the game, then you should definitely try out the free Lite version of the game.

Team Phobic releases Bounce On trailer

iPhone developer Team Phobic has released a new trailer of its upcoming iPhone and iPod Touch game Bounce On. Their new title is a side scrolling platformer in which you contorl a ball that’s trying to make it home while collecting gems and avoiding sneaky enemies. The game includes 15 levels and should come out sometime this month for a low initial price.

Dizzy Bee 2 out now

Dizzy Bee 2, iPhone, iPod Touch, Igloo GamesA few days ago, Igloo Games announced that Dizzy Bee 2 was coming to the App Store. Today the developer released the sequel to the popular Dizzy Bee iPhone and iPod Touch game. In this new colorful adventure, you need to help your Fruit Friends make their way through grinding gears, past wild turrets and around sticky webs. Dizzy Bee 2 costs you $2.99. Here’s the game’s feature list one more time:

  • Nearly 90 levels including Easy variations and Bonus Stages.
  • Tons of new enemies.
  • Power ups! Finally the good guys strike back.
  • New bonus level rules!
  • Difficulty levels: Choose “Easy” and “Normal”
  • Finer control. You can hold your iPod Touch/iPhone flat to move enemies and good guys with more precision. (No more “too flat” warnings!)
  • More Fruit Friends.
  • Additional time bonus scoring. Beat levels faster if you’d like some extra points.
  • Auto sleep function has been greatly improved.

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Zombie Mansion finally available in App Store

Source IT Software has released Zombie Mansion in the App Store. In October the developer announced that the game would come out in November, but Zombie Mansion had some trouble getting through the approval process. This $4.99 game is the first true First Person Shooter (FPS) for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The game uses the iPhone’s accelerometer for controlling your character. Source IT Software also released a new gameplay video of the game.

Orions: Legend of Wizards Released

Exploring a CityAnother Windows Mobile port, Orions: Legend of Wizards, was released unto the App Store on Dec 9. OLoW, developed by MoreGames Entertainment, is a card game (described by reviewers as being similar to Magic the Gathering) mixed with elements of exploration. Your goal is to explore the Orions, or connected islands, and defeat all the the Orion Lords. The world you explore along with the decks your enemies use are randomly generated, so even if you play the campaign mode multiple times it will always be different. Orions also features 75 different cards and 66 buildings of 6 different types.

The best part is that while it originally retailed for $20 on Windows Mobile, iPhone gamers can pick it up for only 10% of that price ($2) during the introductory period.

*If you plan on downloading it through your phone make sure you have an available Wi-Fi connection, because it’s the only way you can download the 16 MB game.

Astraware releases board games compilation

Astraware Board Games for iPhone and iPod Touch includes classic board games such as Ludo, Checkers, Reversi, Nine Men’s Morris, Tic Tac Toe, Snakes and Ladders, Chess and Backgammon. The games include a range of difficulty levels and customizable rules to make it easy for gamers of all ages. The game is now available in the App Store. Here’s the feature list of Astraware Board Games:

  • Eight classic boardgames in one easy-to-use pack
  • Suitable for casual players & non-experts
  • Touch & slide your piece to move it!
  • Shake your iPhone to shake the dice!
  • Play against a friend on two devices using a local Wi-Fi connection

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Sim City Slated to Release Later This Month

Sim CityEA Mobile has moved into the final stages of production of Sim City, which should release later this month. Kotaku managed to get their hands on an early copy, so head over there to see what the guys thought. Despite a few bugs and minor setbacks from having to use your fingers to place the buildings it seems like Sim City will be a solid, fully functional (not trimmed down from the PC version) launch.

Sim City is expected to retail for $9.99.