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Guitar Rock Tour

Gameloft, Guitar Rock Tour, iPhone games, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone game reviews, Review, Hold tight as the iPhone launches into a world of text, drugs and rock and roll. OK, maybe no the drugs part but the latest offering by Gameloft, Guitar Rock Tour, sets out to combine the latest craze in computer gaming with the iPhone’s cutting edge touch technology. Following in the footsteps of Guitar Hero and Rock Band this addictive application puts users’ digital dexterity to the test as they shred away to the music like a cross between Slash and Mozart. At £3.49/ $5 the application is at the upper end of the games ladder, however, the combination of smooth graphics, pumping acoustics and classic track list make the application excellent value. Read the rest of this entry »

Studio Radiolaris releasing Radio Flare soon

Studio Radiolaris has announced that they’re planning to release their musical shooter Radio Flare in the App Store in a couple of days. The game looks a lot like Rez, a game that came out for PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast, but it wasn’t the success the developers hoped it would be. Fares Kayali of Studio Radiolaris says that they want users to turn music into an interactive experience with this iPhone game. Radio Flare contains five stages and over 100 enemy formations

New From Tapulous: Tap Tap Dance

Tap Tap Dance, the latest app from Tapulous, follows up on the success of the free Tap Tap Revenge. Don’t think that this is just a clone of the last one however. TTD features new challenges (held notes, multi-notes, and boss levels) as well as an impressive new sound track featuring big name artists like Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers. The graphics have also been revamped, and some tracks even have their own specific themes.

Overall, TTD will only set you back a Lincoln ($5 US) while providing hours of gameplay.