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Pac-Man, Rock’n’Roll and Virus get a Lite version

Pac-Man, Virus, Rock'n'Roll, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3GThis morning there were a few new Lite versions of iPhone and iPod Touch games available in the App Store. First of all there’s Virus Lite, a free demo that lets you play with white blood cells that need to fill up your screen while avoiding viruses. For those who don’t like playing with blood there’s a Pac-Man Lite version that allows you to try out the first level of this classic. Rock’n’Roll Lite gives you a free chance to try out three levels of the full game. We recently reviewed Rock’n’Roll and gave it a four out of five.

Galcon Lite now available for free

Earlier this week Phil Hassey dropped the price of his very succesful iPod Touch and iPhone game Galcon to just $4.99. To get even more Galcon players he decided to release a free Lite version of the game with 10 levels of Classic Play.

Addictive Chinese puzzles in Tangrams for iPhone

iPhone, iPod Touch, Tangrams, TanZen, TanZen Lite, iPhone 3G, Little White Bear Studios, Brian WursterWith Tangrams for the iPhone and iPod Touch you get over 400 classic Chinese puzzles. The goal in the game is to match the silhouette shown with seven different geometric shapes without having pieces that overlap eachother. You need to move the puzzle pieces simply by dragging the pices on the screen. If you can’t get enough of these clever puzzles, then there’s also TanZen which has been available for a while now. There’s even a free TanZen Lite game available in the App Store if you want to get a taste of this addictive Chinese puzzle game.

Chimps Ahoy! gets a Lite version in the App Store

  • Author: Mr Sandeman
  • Filed under: Demo, iPhone, iPod
  • Date: Aug 15,2008

Chimps Ahoy!, iPhone, iPhone 3G, Griptonite GamesThe funky monkey action game Chimps Ahoy! just got a free Lite-version of itself in the App Store. The demo is now available and gives you seven levels that should convince you to buy the full game, which costs $4.99. The full version of this game with plenty of chimps, treasures, bouncing coconuts and power-ups has 100 levels and has an average of four out of five. You can download Chimps Ahoy! Lite here.

Free Crosswords demo now available

  • Author: Mr Sandeman
  • Filed under: Demo, Puzzle
  • Date: Aug 6,2008 is a pretty expensive $9.99 game, so Stand Alone has decided to release a demo so that people who have doubts about the game can give it a try first. The free demo has 30 built-in crossword puzzles that you can try out. The best feature about Crosswords is that you have access to a ton of free puzzles and the New York Times subscription service. You can download the Crosswords Light demo application here.