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Catching watermelons for just 99 cents

Since today the iPhone and iPod Touch game Watermelons is available in the App Store for just $0.99. This game was created by Phil Hassey who also made the terrific game Galcon. A freaky local watermelon tree has gone berserk and is producing way too many watermelons. Your task is to move a trampoline by sliding your finger on the touch screen on the iPhone in order to rescue all the melons that fall of the tree.

PapiPole eating its way through App Store

PapiPole, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, Sunflat GamesA while ago we wrote about Sunflat’s Mr. Papi games for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and since we’ve already seen PapiRiver coming by. Today PapiPole was released, a simple but free game featuring the amazing Mr. Papi himself. Mr. Papi, a red ball guy, is on the top of a stick and you control the stick by sliding your finger left and right. Your goal: make sure Mr. Papi eats a lot of hamburgers. Get PapiPole now!

New iGotchi update coming soon

iGotchi, David Gohara, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G David Gohara told Pocket Gamer that he’s working on an update for his iPhone pet game iGotchi. Version 1.1.3 will allow you to have a redesigned user interface and it will bring more items for the iGotchi Store. With this update iGotchi will get a first series of minigames and new activities for your pet. There should be some bug fixes as well and you’ll have new ways to interact with your cute pet via the touchscreen. This new update for iGotchi should come out in about two weeks. iGotchi is now available in the App Store for just $1.99. Read the rest of this entry »

LEGO Batman coming to the iPhone? is reporting that LEGO Batman: The Video Game is heading towards the iPhone. The news hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’s certainly possible that LEGO Batman will actually see a mobile release since there have been plenty of LEGO mobile games in the past. LEGO Batman would most likeley be developed by THQ Wireless and should come out some time in October.

Cybersaurus 3D taking over the planet and App Store

Cybersaurus 3D, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, Darxun GamesThis is the year 2513 and our planet is being taken over by giant robot dinosaurs. You play as a robosaur yourself, you’re the Raptor9000 and your mission is to destroy all of your enemies before they take control of the whole planet and destroy humanity. Cybersaurus 3D wouldn’t be Cybersaurus 3D if it didn’t have fancy 3D graphics, but this game from Darxun Games has more to offer. Not only is it a full 3D-game, it contains 6 planets with 11 maps in total. Cybersaurus 3D is now available for $6.99 in the App Store. Read the rest of this entry »

Chopper doing extremely well

David Frampton, Chopper, iPhone, iPhone 3G, Majic Jungle SoftwareDavid Frampton has struck gold reports Computerworld. Frampton is the developer of Chopper, a $7.99 helicopter game for the iPhone. Chopper is selling extremely well with about 500 downloaders a day giving him a total of about 20,000 downloads in total so far. Now he’s making about $2800 with his first iPhone game, and it doesn’t look like someone will stop the success of Chopper. Read the rest of this entry »

Cyan working on Myst for iPhone

Myst, iPhone, iPhone 3G, CyanTouch Arcade reports that Myst is being ported to the iPhone. The news was released by an employee of Cyan along with some info on this project. It’s a small project that keeps a few developers employed and it’s an outside funded game. Myst was the first published game for the Mac back in 1993 and was a big hit. The story drops you on a strange island where you need tos olve puzzles and explore the place to find out what’s happening. Earlier this year Myst also came out for the Nintendo DS, a trailer of that game should give you an idea of how the iPhone-version will be. Read the rest of this entry »

Blood spewing action in Billy Frontier

Pangea, Billy Frontier, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPhone 3GPangea has put up an infopage for its upcoming iPhone and iPod Touch game called Billy Frontier. You play the role of Billy Frontier who is a space cowboy hunting on alien outlaws in the galaxy. Pangea has the guts to call this the most diverse 3D game that will be available for iPhone and iPod Touch. The game is an adventure game combined with a lot of blood spewing. Billy Frontier is actually a combination of four games: Stampede, Target Practice, Dueling and Shootout. The graphics look great and the audio should be alright as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Digital Legends working on two more games

At the Leipzig Games Convention Spanish developer Digital Legends Entertainment has told Pocket Gamer that they are working on two unannounced titles. They could be for the iPhone, N-Gage or another advanced mobile platform. Carillo Costa from Digital Legends didn’t want to give any extra info on these two new games and also didn’t told anything new about Kroll. The only thing we have of Kroll is the demo that was showed off at WWDC and showed us that it’s a mix between Dragon’s Lair and Pandemonium.

Toy Bot Diaries doing great

IUGO, Toy Bot Diaries Entry 1, iPhone, iPhone 3GA week ago IUGO released Toy Bot Diaries in the App Store exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The game is doing great with an average reviewscore of 4 ½ stars in Apple’s App Store. Toy Bot Diaries was in the top 30 paid apps for a couple of days and in Canada the game is in the top 10 of most popular games. We recently had an interview with Sarah Thomson of IUGO and she told us that there will be a demo of TBD soon.